Download 4 Cara Mengatasi IDM Fake Serial Number 2016 Latest Version

Download 4 Cara Mengatasi IDM Fake Serial Number 2016 Latest Version

For computer users who want to download files from the Internet, will be familiar with software Internet download manager , or commonly we call this IDM, downloading software that can speed up the process of downloading files from the Internet up to 500% have been downloaded and used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, beyond the IDM also in Arm feature advanced which makes downloading videos, software, MP3, the game easier and faster.

, but if you find the IDM you’ve discovered using fake serial characterized by the frequent occurrence of pop-up messages Internet download manager has been registered with a fake serial number, of course it would be very disturbing scene, especially this message often occurs a few minutes. Despite the fact that the notification does not degrade the performance and download speed of IDM, but the advent of pop-ups very annoying for some people.

Here I will share 4 ways to remove the message IDM fake serial number of the latest 2015 that you can choose as you wish. If you use one method does not work to remove IDM fake serial number, you can use other ways that I have given to IDM fake serial number does not appear again.

1. Eliminate fake serial IDM software
The following ways using assistance IDM false fast that you can use as easily as follows:
  • Download IDM false solid
  • run software to run as administrator
  • Click the lawsuit reset
  • , uncheck the automatic
  • Click reset IDM lawsuit now
  • wait for it to finish
2. Overcoming fake serial IDM with regedit
  • Click Start Run / windows key + R
  • Donkeys regedit and press enter
  • Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Download Manager
  • Look for files by name CheckUpdtVM
  • Change the value to 0
  • Done and close regedit
3. IDM eliminate false serial number by replacing IDMGrHlp
  • Now we are looking IDM dirctory C: / program files / Internet Download Manager
  • Search IDMGrHlp.exe and delete the file
  • in the same place found idmBrooker.exe
  • Copy idmbrooker.exeketempat laindan rename IDMGrHlp
  • Copy the file back to the renamed installation directory IDM
  • Done
4. Overcoming IDM fake serial number to edit the hosts file
  • we are looking for directory C: Windows System32 drivers etc /
  • search and find the hosts file
  • right click and open with notepad
  • Copy the following file on the last line in hosts file http: // www
127.0 .0.1
  • Save file and restart your PC to see the changes.

Thus mate all the way to overcome IDM latest fake serial number 2015 of the most complete. You can choose only one way, and if not handled in a way that one should not hesitate to use any other way to be notified IDM fake serial number does not appear again and hinder your view when working. Hopefully useful


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