Download 4Videosoft Screen Capture 1.0.10 [Latest] Version

Download 4Videosoft Screen Capture 1.0.10 [Latest] Version

4Videosoft Free Screen Capture download the latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected full install 4Videosoft Screen Capture for PC Windows 32 bit 64 bit.

4Videosoft Screen Capture Review

4Videosoft Screen Capture is a Windows application developed specifically for helping you to capture images and save the images to your computer. It can be distributed on all flavors of Windows out there.

screen capture features of 4Videosoft

digital capture / streaming / network / video webcam
4Videosoft qualifies screen capture video capture in total. If you want to capture streaming YouTube videos, or would like to record videos live games, you can use a program to capture this video to record videos from YouTube, convulsions, Netflix, Facebook, etc. Even if you attend an online meeting or make a Skype call, you can also record video from the network for future use. Moreover, video capture software that allows you to capture screen for tutorials for online course.

Record Audio is designed to run on a computer
work as a streaming audio recorder, screen capture 4Videosoft makes it easy for you to record audio from your microphone. Instead of buying music from an online store, you can capture the Pandora online music without a computer for playback. Free from the Internet, you can listen to music detached from Spofify, SoundCloud, etc. while driving. You can also record audio microphone and audio system to save the phone call business case.

Customize Video Setting heard before taking
This service cohesive Windows screen helps you to make setting up audio and video screen capture before. You can choose full screen or custom screen for your recording area. This way, you can get rid of a letter box video capture YouTube freely. Optional audio settings allow you to capture audio losslessly achieving a massive free music online. You can record audio microphone audio system to save the Skype video call from families or friends in the front of the computer.

Operate easily with a simple interface
simple interface of 4Videosoft Screen Capture allows you to capture screen video and audio in Windows. User-friendly shortcut to give you quick action. You are allowed to keep or change the hotkeys to stop / start or pause / resume capture your preference. If you are busy with other things, you can set the time to stop screen capture automatically. You can check the mouse cursor to show that your recording convenient operation.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: 4Videosoft screen capture 1.0.10
Developer: page
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows



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