Download Adguard For Windows PC Giveaway 2016 [6 Months] Version

Download Adguard for Windows PC Giveaway 2016 [6 months] Version

Adguard Free Download the latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected full installer for Windows Adguard 32-bit 64-bit computer.

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Adguard provides you with reliable protection management immediately and without participation sieve web pages load. Adguard removes all ads annoying, blocks loading of dangerous sites, and not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.

Features of Adguard 2016

Standard Adguard
Adguard installs quickly and easily, handles all configurations and updates for you. After that, you simply surf the Web as you normally would. Adguard protects your computer does not make you change your Internet habits.

Adguard domestic uses VPN technology to filter traffic without root privileges. This means that the VPN server embedded in the device really is no need for additional remote connections. After launching the app, he starts to filter all the bandwidth of your Internet quietly and quickly.

Protection and obstruction
when processing a web page, Adguard doing several things at once:
1. Removes ads and online tracking code directly in the page.
2. Checking page against a database of phishing and malware sites in our.
3. Protests download apps from unknown sources.

comfort and safety
You will be surprised how much easier and safer Internet will be the installation of Adguard.

whats Adguard
* [Fixed] Problems in Windows 10 internists ite precursors caused by SHA-1 certificate is used to network devices.
* Let’s elaborate a bit on this, since this change stands out as one of the most important in this update. Recently we’ve noticed, with the help of our beta testers that SHA-1 certificates used in the past to get into our network drivers, was in being retired. This effectively means that users of Windows 10 internists precursors were not able to allow protection Adguard. We signed our network drivers with new certificates, and now all users can run Adguard without any problems.

changes the UI:
* [Fixed] ‘upgrade license’ message is not displayed more for licenses operated with a key beta
* [Fixed] Bug when some applications do not show in “applications are filtered through they started
* [fixed] hour check-recent update does not update
* [fixed] pressing Alt-F4 while the tray menu Adguard will not close the main window

ad blocker:
* [fixed] browser K-Meleon is now correctly detected as installed
* [fixed] running filter specific language superfluous
* [fixed] WebRTC not be blocked more for apps that are not in the list of Apps filtered
* [improved] icon HTTPs list of exclusions has been updated significantly

install / update:
* [changed] a mechanism for automatically updating
* [fixed] beta Adguard not update after clicking “Install” button, the
* [fixed] MSI presents “delete settings” dialogue on removal.
* [fixed] used to WFP will be removed now properly on Win 10 x64

languages ​​and translations
* [fixed] “filter uses” is translated into Polish

* [fixed] code AG is not more injected “noscript”


Adguard Giveaway 2016
Adguard Giveaway 6 month
Adguard Giveaway for Windows PC

Title release: Adguard 6 months giveaway for Windows PC
end of the operation: 31 Mar 2016
Developer: LLC Adshows [19459008license] Freeware
Language: English
OS: Windows
here you will get 100% free software adguard a full 6 month license. Please send me an application form bellow. Automatic download link sent to your inbox. Enjoy!


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