Download AlexG Infinity Apk v1.0 (Mod Money) Latest Version

Download AlexG Infinity Apk v1.0 (Mod Money) Latest Version

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AlexG Infinity Apk v1.0 (Mod Money) Is Arcade Game. Download AlexG Infinity Apk Mod From KiosGamers Direct Link.

AlexG Infinity is an innovative hybrid, which is a part vertical shoot-em-up and a part of infinite runners. It features a totally new gaming experience, the excitement of both a shooter and rotor pack, in a unique 3D miniature world animated by hand Sprites.

King Goo, self-styled evil genius of the outer galaxies, has crash-landed on Earth in AlexG backyard. Since this segment has him a bit of a bump on the head, he has decided to take over the Earth in retaliation, start AlexG house. He used his Evil-Genius Miniaturizer AlexG shrink down to size Bug and then brainwashed the entire population to serve the bow as his private army. Now the size of an ant, AlexG has to apply his mind and confront the dangers in his home to lurk face King Goo and his bug swarm.

Unlike other shoot-em-up or endless runner games, AlexG Infinity is in the miniaturized world of a normal house … seen from the viewpoint of an ant! As AlexG, you have to shoot, bomb, run, dodge and stomp your way through the hordes of bugs that in an attempt after you hunt to survive. The errors are not the only risk you have to take, because, as the house is filled with dangerous obstacles that must be avoided. Each room in the house by progress contains its own unique set of bugs and obstacle to overcome challenges. Ensure as possible to collect as many coins and power-ups, while the house he races; Your character skills upgrading is in defeating the evolving Bug hordes be essential that you will encounter. Head-to-head with the legendary Bug Chef, guarding every room of the house and show them that man is … in miniature size not to be trifled with!

The game features 7 playable characters, each with a unique play style. As players race to the top of the various leaderboards, they face more than 40 different error enemies, 25 hazardous household obstacles and experience 6 visually wonderful levels that are procedurally generated no game session is to ensure the same. Each level is guarded by a legendary bow boss that must be defeated to progress further. a bug boss defeating rewards the player with a bonus, the back temporarily granted the ability to grow them to normal size and squish bugs for extra points. The error evolved enemies and to difficulties after each successful run player will thus be encouraged to upgrade their characters to ask the besetting fault hordes. The game also has a secret bonus mode where small children can help squish bugs with her fingers and help to collect coins!

No matter what kind of game player you are, delivers AlexG infinity a fresh and appealing core experience! So what are you waiting for ?! Make shrunk ready and journey through the miniature world of AlexG infinity to

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Game Info

Name game: AlexG infinity
game category: Arcade games
Last updated: April 12, 2016
game size: 89 MB
version of the game: 1.0
developer company: peak pixel Games Ltd ,
file format: Apk
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Total Installs: 10 +
Google Play 5.0 / 5

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