Download Analog Weather Station Latest Version

Download Analog Weather Station Latest Version


Simple, beautiful and accurate weather application. It shows the main data :. Temperature, pressure and humidity
A weather station is a facility, either on land or at sea, and instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts are available and to study the weather and climate. The measurements include temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction.

The air pressure, sometimes called air pressure, the pressure by the weight of air in the atmosphere of the earth is applied. Low pressure areas have less atmospheric mass, whereas high pressure areas have more atmospheric mass above their location on their location.
Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Our app shows relative humidity, it is expressed as a percent, measures the current absolute humidity relative to the maximum (highest point) for this temperature.
Man moist air are sensitive, because the human body to regulate temperature evaporative cooling mechanism used as the primary. Under humid conditions, in which the rate of sweat to evaporate on the skin would be lower than under dry conditions. Since humans perceive the rate of heat transfer from the body rather than the temperature itself, we feel warmer when the relative humidity is high than when it is low.

Enjoy realistic design and smooth animation.

Size: 21M
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Offered By: RFND


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