Download ANT Radio Service Latest Version

Download ANT Radio Service Latest Version


This item is similar to the system components that enable other forms of wireless connectivity on your phone (ie . WLAN, NFC) and will not run or resource use system when you start an app that requires ANT wireless communications. It is pre-installed by the device manufacturer, the built-in ANT to enable wireless hardware already in your mobile device to work. If you do not intend to use this function, it will be no impact on your system and no further action is necessary. to enable
If this service is not on the phone preinstalled not be able, ANT + communication, see thisisant .com / dev / ant / ant-in-android / for more information.

at is ANT?
ANT is an extremely energy-efficient wireless communications technology. ANT enables you to connect, and the use of various other ANT or ANT + devices. Today this service is it allows you to connect popular interoperability ANT + Sport / Fitness / health devices like heart rate sensors, fitness equipment, cycling products, weight scales, and more. In future it will be possible to use ANT to enable a variety of new applications from your mobile device, such as home automation control lighting, temperature and door lock functions. Visit for more information.

How to use:
This service can not be started directly. It will run automatically in the background when any application that requires ANT wireless communication is used.
ANT + enabled applications also typically require downloading ANT + plugins.

Some popular applications with ANT + enhanced:
* Samsung S Health
* Garmin Fit ™
* Sports STL
* Endomondo
* My Tracks
* Run.GPS trainer UV
* IpBike, IpWatts, IpPeloton, IpSmartHr
* selfloops
* SportyPal
* MapMyFitness / RIDE / RUN / WALK + / WALKING / dogwalk

developing ANT applications:
ANT is an ultra-low-power wireless technology ideal for low data rate applications such as sensors, monitors, beacons, command and control, and so connect devices and data transfer is simply our ANT-API , Developing applications for ANT + devices is more easily our ANT + Plugins API. These APIs are free to use. More information is available at[19459004verfügbar]

Requires Android permissions:
Full Network Access: The ANT Radio Service will never download any data via the Internet or Upload. This permission is only required because it is possible, the ANT Radio Service on an Android emulator (eg for development purposes) to install, in which case they require access to Internet phone jacks ANT USB stick on the host Windows PC to communicate with the ANT Android emulator tools. This communication requires the INTERNET permission but only communicate with the local PC.

Changing the System Settings. This allows the initialization, whether ANT should be turned off or kept when flight mode is entered

Bluetooth Admin: Some hardware configurations may require ANT to communicate with Bluetooth system level. However, this service will not start Bluetooth scans or Bluetooth connections.

Size: 178k
Requires Android 2.1 and higher
Offered By: ANT +



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