Download Army Knife for Android Latest Version

Download Army Knife for Android Latest Version

Army Knife for Android-2

This app a number of small tools includes: a flashlight (widget also), a unit converter, a timer, a stop watch, a compass a bubble level, a calculator, a magnifying glass (Android 2.2 or later), a mirror (Android 2.3+ and front camera required) and a ruler.
Basically, it’s an Android “Swiss Army Knife”.
Each tool does what it should do. There is no space for special effects like 3d compass, talking level, psychedelic flashlight etc: the goal is to have an easier, quick and easy to use set of tools, one “tap” of the home screen away
This App is. half the size of a common “standalone tool” like a compass, a flashlight or a magnifying glass. In this way you can save a lot of space. You will also save network consumption, not only for the first download but for every update.
It is not required network access, write permission to the flash memory or the permission to read your contacts.
suggestions on how to implement new features, new tools etc. are welcome. If you want to contribute a translation, please let us know by sending an email ?
If you find a mistake, please contact us “Report an Error” with the main menu function
. Note: If you write a comment on the Android Market without sending us an email, it is difficult for us to fix the problem, because usually we need some information (such as smartphone type and version, a way to reproduce the problem, etc.)
– Depending on the hardware capabilities of your smartphone can not be present a number of tools
– permission to use the camera is required to light on the turn camera flash. Some smartphones (for instance the Google Nexus S) do not light the flash LED if the camera is not running. If you check the most popular flashlight apps, you will notice that they all require this permission. Android Army Knife no photos shot does not save multimedia info onto the flash card and not send anything on the internet. It is not on the network permission is not required at
– This app was first released on May 2011 with the name “Swiss Army Knife”. Because of copyright infringement it recently changed the name of Army Knife for Android.

reproduced the Android robot or modified created and shared by Google and used by the work according to the conditions in the 3.0 Creative Commons license described.

Size: 760K
Current Version: 1.5.0
Android Requires: 2.2 and up
offered by: Digital & dreams



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