Download Arsen File Manager Latest Version

Download Arsen File Manager Latest Version

Arsen File Manager-2

at is arsenic?
arsenic smart and free file manager for Android with perfect set of functions.
gives it quick and convenient access to your images, audio, video, documents and other files.
If they will work with arsenic, you notice that all operations on files are simple and intuitive.
Arsenic is powerful in its simplicity and convenience of use.

• User friendly file management. Manage your files and folders in a very simple and natural way, as you do on your desktop or laptop
• Browsing file system on the grid view or list view
• important things tightly – add them to favorites! Bookmarks are available in app drawer
• Links to the main directories :. Camera, documents, downloads, movies, music and photos
• Interactive navigation path (breadcrumbs)
• Integrated text viewer and editor
• Properties view with additional information: permissions, size and date of last modification
• Actions on a group of files and folders (multi-select, long ~~ POS = TRUNC click selection support)

Advanced features
• Copy and move (equivalent to Cut, Copy and Paste)
• delete and rename files, folders and favorites
• Create new folder
• Create and edit text files
• Search for files and directories
• compressing and decompressing files. , Built-in zip support allows you to compress files and archives and decompress
• Sort by name, date and size -. Ascending and with folders first or descending
• Share and Send – integration with sharing on Android. You can share files with other applications: adding attachments, emails upload photos to social networks, etc.
• Add shortcuts to the home screen for quick access
• as system wallpaper (home screen wallpaper) Set image
• Can show thumbnails for photos
• Can hidden files and directories List
• Cancellable progress dialogs for long lasting operations
• root Explorer – allows access to the entire file system and directories on rooted devices
• Useful configuration options
• support for tablets and different screen sizes
• arsenic free to download and use
• Splend Apps support and more!

Size: 3.9M
Requires Android: 4.1 and up
Offered By: Apps Splend



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