Download Auslogics BitReplica + Portable Version

Download Auslogics BitReplica + Portable Version


advanced BitReplica

is a backup tool files stored on a Windows computer. It protects your photos, music, videos, documents and other information from being lost due to hard drive crash attack, virus or accidental deletion. The program should be especially useful for anyone who has some storage drives (this can be several hard drives installed on one computer or several computers networked together). Auslogics BitReplica allows you to save all your files to an external drive or networked PC to make sure you never lose any of them. You can specify a file or select individual folders to back up. Create full backups or save disk space by using incremental backup engine or difference. Restore saved data becomes too easy -. You can restore the entire backup with just one click of a button, restore, or browse it like a normal folder and select individual items you want to recover

advanced BitReplica allows you to back up files from almost any storage device, not just the hard drive . Come on, connect the camera to a computer and back up all the precious moments that you would be devastated to lose! The program supports HDD`s, SSD`s, USB flash drives, network drives and more as source folders for backup.

features and advanced BitReplica

• Create a new profile. Specify what, where, how and when to collect by creating a profile backup.
• Start backing up your files. Add items to predefined or custom folders to back up, and then click the Play button to start archiving your files using the selected profile settings.
• View backup history. Select a profile from the list to view a history of backups created under this profile.
• Restore files needed. Select Backup from the list under the Profile and click Restore, or explore the backup folder to select individual files to restore.
… but powerful
• Back up any files you want. You can specify backup file groups, such as IE Favorites or Windows mail contacts, or select individual folders to back up under each profile you create.
• Create custom rules to individual folders backup. By creating separate profiles, you can set up individual rules for different folders and file groups depending on how often you use or modify them.
• Save your disk space with engines incremental and differential backups. To avoid wasting valuable disk space, you can choose to back up only the files that have changed since the last backup or files that have changed since the last full backup.
• synchronize your files between multiple computers. en choosing how to back up your files in the profile settings, you can choose to sync the file source and destination folders. It allows you to create the exact estimates of files to work with two computers on the network.
• Schedule backups to fit your schedule. Creating a backup manually whenever it’s convenient for you, or set them to automatically schedule hourly, daily or weekly. Please indicate your preferences under each profile.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: V2.1.1.0 and advanced BitReplica
Developer: and advanced Inc.
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows
advanced BitReplica (6 MB)
advanced BitReplica Portable (6 MB)

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