Download Chroisen2 APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Chroisen2 APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Chroisen2 APK MOD Unlimited Money – – Buddy classic style RPG game play Chroisen 2 In this game would feel the action is not limited. Various characters are included in this game has its own uniqueness, consisting of 28 different classes (Silver Knights, Slasher ,, Fighter, Mage, Warrior, Berserker, Chrasher, Templars, Soul Slayer, Rogue, grappler, Shadow Knight, Shooter, Magician Summoners, heretics, Assassin, Undertaker, Over, hell bringer and other


just did not show much variation class only, but the game Chroisen2 APK MOD unlimited money also provides 12 unique types of weapons that mastered Mate can and every weapon has the ability to level 5 (normal, magic, rare, unique, and legend). TExES collection of challengers in 16 prison, each divided into the network line. P2P market is also for pal exchange provided by accessorise with pal lainnyaChroisen2 MOD APK unlimited money is an action RPG game sebuag seru.Sobat all feel by CHROISEN2 action RPG about!
game the CHROISEN a single mobile RPG Series No. 1 adventurous in Korea since 20091. RETRO RPG
: A large scale with “class change and awakening,” “strengthen, Enchanting and Fusion ‘,’ Network Dungeon”, “Dungeon burden”, the Tex-System “,” Prefix , Title ‘,’ P2P-market “,” Rebirth mode ‘,’ village ‘, etc2. CLASS sobat ACTION UNLIMITED
: chracter unique of 28 classes (swords Bring on, Templar, Fighter, Mage, Warrior, Berserker, Chrasher, silver knights, Shadow Knight, Soul Slayer, Rogue, grappler, Shooter, Magician, Summoner, Heretic , Assassin, Undertaker, Over, hell bringer, etc)

. Collect and Master weapon buddy of 1200ea (Great sword, Dual-Ax, Blunt, sword, spear, blade Gsobat short sword, Gauntlet, Knuckle, Staff, wall, Scythe). And each weapon has 5 levels (normal, magic, rare, unique, Legend)

:. Collect TExES of other challengers in accordance with the 16 basement of the power ratings

to be

5. P2P market requirements
: Make a legendary equipment, treatment with other players on the market of P2P

6. Endless journey
: Cleaned the whole story? Get ready, a new adventure in the mode of rebirth and extreme mode (250Lv.) To start with new products!

Installation intruction:

  • Downloading files is installed on
  • APKs
  • Then Lets Play The Game

Chroisen2 APK MOD unlimited money

|| Game: Chroisen2 – Classic styled RPG APK ||
|| Version: 1.0.6 ||
|| Android 2.3 ||
|| Market: https: // play. ||
|| Mod: Gold + Mana ||



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