Download Circular Hola Launcher Theme Latest Version

Download Circular Hola Launcher Theme Latest Version

Circular Hola Launcher Theme-2

Circular Hola Launcher Theme
It is easy, smooth and shiny. Easy to use, it is really convenience for everyone!

This is not a stand-alone application – you have to use “Hola Launcher”

How to apply the theme:
1. Download and install this Theme;
2. Ask, Hola Launcher is open safely; and
3. For a personal, theme, select this theme and apply.

. Enjoy hundreds of free high quality themes, wallpapers and fonts. updated every Friday!
. Get 10,000 elegant, high-definition icons to set your device apart from the rest.
. Automatically delight you with a new, free and gorgeous every day wallpaper and other day, before they make from.
. Use Hola gloss, a simple swipe of a lower corner to open a smart menu of your applications and frequently used settings.

Size: 1.8M
Current version: 3.0
Requires Android 2.1 and higher
Proposed by: Hola Launcher Theme


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