Download Coolutils Total Outlook Converter 4.1.253 [Latest] Version

Download Coolutils Total Outlook Converter 4.1.253 [Latest] Version

Coolutils Total Outlook Converter

is an advanced software application designed to help you convert your Microsoft Outlook email a wide range of formats, namely DOC, PDF, XPS, HTML, XHTML, TEXT, TIFF, JPEG, EML, MBox and vCard. It allows you to customize the conversion options and does not have Outlook installed.

features of Outlook Converter Total Coolutils

automatically your Outlook emails
• After a quick installation and operation of an event, you are invited to by a user friendly interface, represented by a large window with a familiar structure, where you can start by opening Outlook data files with PST or OST format.
• Alternatively, the program can be asked to identify all supported files automatically at a certain distance. Batch Processing is supported, which means you can convert multiple email files simultaneously.

Explore e-mail accounts and messages Preview
• After the email is loaded into Total Outlook Converter, you can browse the directory tree with all kinds of files from your email account, including Inbox, drafts, Outbox, sent, or delete, and search root.
• The app lets you preview email messages in HTML, text format titles, along with the sender, the recipient of their subject, and date. You can use basic search function to track down a particular message, as well as collect miles the exact you want to include in the conversion process. buttons Select and deselect all items are available.

customize the Exchange email
• after selecting the output format preferred, you can deal with a number of options. For example you can specify the output directory, and select the fields to export (send, for example, the IP address of the sender, date), to maintain or skip attachments, apply a set of inline CSS to customize the appearance of the document, as well as determine the size of paper and stamps.
• these settings can be modified examined before proceeding with the conversion. what’s more, you can ask the service to create a command file (BAT) with the current configuration.
• Total Outlook converter also provides you the opportunity to gather reports and save them with text, Excel, CSV, PDF or HTML format, as well as select the columns priority. Otherwise, you can simply print email data from Outlook.

evaluation concluded
• Application software worked smoothly in our tests, without breaking, crashing or causing errors. This effect was minimum PC performance and speed conversion work carried out. in summary, Total Outlook converter offers a simple method for converting Outlook emails file types more user-friendly, backed by numerous configuration parameters.

what nEW
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how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: V4.1.253 total Outlook converter Coolutils ” about
Developer: page
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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