Download CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6.0.7619 Final Version

Download CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6.0.7619 Final Version


CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6

image editing is a plus for those who really consider Photographers . Not only does it help to correct some errors that may appear to be distinct before the picture is taken, but also add some finishing touches, and highlight certain aspects that the viewer should see the end first. The implementation of different people among them that can be achieved, CyberLink PhotoDirector writer.

inspired visual charm the eyes of
• effort the designers of the application is really noticeable once you run it. All fluently moving around your mouse click, and the clever arrangement of menus and buttons to give it a cleaner look, and make it a pleasant working environment you edit your images. All you want to work with the tab located at the bottom of the main window, and on the left you have all the necessary tools, making the center of your own virtual canvas.

surface of possibilities
CyberLink PhotoDirector offers you a spectacular amount of tools for your photos come out clean and polished as you can get them. From basic color change indicators, to more advanced, but easy to master options are Tab, cleverly named “people embellish.”
• In addition, you can also put together a film with photos. Choose from a predetermined packet of flu fords, and add music to your slide show to make it just right. Above all, you can add text to your presentation, just in case you want the viewer to know something particular context of a given image.
• And if all that was not enough, after all the editing is done, you can choose to upload your masterpiece several social networks spreads fast, and wait for the positive feedback.

CyberLink PhotoDirector offers professional photo editing. With its interface is visually appealing, and the amount the tools you can use to enhance your photos, this app is a companion worthy, not only for experienced users. Take your camera into the field and start shooting everything that you would use any photo processed once with this tool.

features of CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 6

• Localization – comes with a selection of brushes singles image areas and to make a full adjustment tool
• radial filter. (New!) – Attracts the attention focus of your photo by applying adjustments to this section of your picture. Perfect for highlighting a light source, portraits highlighting your subject or creative vignettes began
• Grain Effect (New!) -. Give your images texture flu-like film, with graining effects add character to any shot. PhotoDirector 6 includes hundreds of photo editing effects with one click further
• Noise reduction -. Make all your images crisp and clear, no matter what time of day you’re shooting. Remove the findings of the shots taken at high ISO, or in low light conditions
• Lens Correction – .. Automatically correct common lens distortions such as keystone, fisheye distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting
• RGB Curves – adjust the individual RGB Channels correct white balance tough problems, or to create attractive cross processing effects.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra v6.0.7619
Developer: page
Licence: Shareware
Language: multi
OS: Windows

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