Download Dictator Revolt APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Dictator Revolt APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

dictator Revolt MOD APK unlimited money only by the title, my friend here is in a country as a dictator play that has to do with many parties. Ranging from families, the military, the opposition, the people, the oligarchs and the police.

around aspirated from each side to give as dictatorial President pal duty to make a decision on all issues. Buddy influence and every decision, as they support the Sobat.

Buddy Any decision will surely like some of the parties and are not pleased. Well, here art. With limited money buddy has to stay at the top management, without having to terkudeta as long as possible.

Every game buddy will be offered a menu, the party would Buddy adapt their wishes. Buddy can choose one by from all the groups available. Then determine whether to agree or not Buddy’s proposal?

YES or NO The decision will have implications for all fractions. agree points or not to be represented by tsobat X from each fraction. If you select YES, then Buddy would get some money when they say no, then the money will be reduced.

The more often to say a fraction of NO made at any decision Buddy, then they will leave buddy. be wise to make decisions, so that more money is not reduced

Then there is a feature in Revolt dictator APK MOD unlimited called money advice. ere, when my friend used it, buddy a clue will be given on the impact it had on any decision YES and NO. This advice will increase as Buddy successfully completed additional emissions arising from the accumulation of all decisions taken Buddy. For example, managed Buddies blocking the road to prevent or successfully prevented several murders. for my friend who can no dictator continue to wait to be download below. see exciting racing game death race

dictator Revolt MOD APK unlimited money

|| Game: Dictator: Revolt APK ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: ||
| | Mod: Money ||

APK: V1.5.6



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