Download Digimon Heroes! APK MOD Instant Skill Latest Version

Download Digimon Heroes! APK MOD Instant Skill Latest Version

Digimon Heroes! MOD APK instant ability – Digimon anime that is missing in so many get their share of mobile games, though perhaps even often we find in other games in the console version. But this year, will revive Digimon list of the latest mobile games titled Digimon Heroes! which is currently preparing to slide globally.

Mod Digimon Game Heroes! APK

you imagine Digimon heroes not! APK MOD Ready This ability is a game Monster Breeding interspersed type of fighting style of Pokemon, because, as the post title buddy read Digimon Heroes! Casual games bring that emphasize keeping the effect of collecting “monster” in comparison monsters like in its predecessor.

In Digimon Game Heroes! This dude play as a collector Monster in the digital world “Island file” devastated as a result of the ongoing war between the monsters. en selected, of course, pal mmiliki mapping shows the evil monsters, which was the strongest in a match-3 style action puzzle & Dragons.

Although the line is equal to Puzzle & Dragons, but here the object is buddy pair with a variety of card form runes on it to carve. Each rune representing a particular element that would trigger a monster skills with you when the map is matched.

There are twelve card slots that must be matched in order to attack my friend. Minimum in each round Shuffle, should my friend be able to gradually one or two attacks before the re-shuffle to do, otherwise the enemy will reduce your life begin

Not only card battle alone, even buddy finally could with the other digimon merge (digifuse) digimon friend have to connect, except that my friend was also developed (digivolve) have digimon friend to make it stronger than before. For my friend who are curious about the gameplay, my friend could watch the video trailer below.

as match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements usually more, the activity of collecting and character to go from rutinitassobat strong in this game, the combination to be dlam. Digimon Heroes! MOD APK instant ability is also decorated with background music pretty cool

Digimon Heroes

Digimon Heroes! MOD APK instant ability

|| Game: Digimon Heroes! ||
|| Version: 1.0.19 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: ||
|| Internet: Required ||
|| Mod: instant ability ||

INFO: ..
– Rooted device and happiness Patcher required
– Mod the game itself with custom patch function in happy Patcher



also you can download Download Digimon Heroes! APK MOD Instant Skill Latest Version
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