Download DORADO Battery Master Latest Version

Download DORADO Battery Master Latest Version

DORADO Battery Master-2

DORADO Battery Master – Battery Saver – Powered by first-class technology, which is the number one extended battery life and energy-saving applications. This free app helps you to optimize primarily to use your battery, allowing the user to obtain a longer battery life top 80% by the cleaning and other applications, monitoring the performance of your Android device drain
DORADO battery Master -. Battery Saver is a must have battery-manager application, the only battery saver application on the market that work with the cleaning and monitoring the genius behind Android remembrance. More important is that the application of the device ROOT’ed are not needed. With DORADO Battery Master smart and cloud-based analysis capability -. One-touch or no-touch control to solve more battery problems efficiently modern power devices and further prolong your enjoyment time your device Flame

DORADO Battery Master – Battery Saver is also an excellent Android enhance application. The utility provided, the application can boost your Android device to 200% of its initial processing.

pride presented by DORADO Security Group, DORADO Battery Master Battery Saver is to keep your Android device as working the simplest, easiest, smartest and quickest approach smoothly per his expectations. The application as synchronized the Battery Doctor will also assist in battery charging management. Look after your battery as a doctor would take care of you.

High Light of DORADO Battery Master – Battery Saver:
. Real – The only battery saver and Android increasing application that really clean and background applications monitor
.. Quick – cleans quickly power applications dewatering and efficiently increase your Android device up to 200% in the processing
.. NO -root required – No tricks needed to reach the core of your Android device, keep it as safe as it was originally developed
. Klein – Occupies the least memory and uses very little CPU processing. Only half of the amount of funds compared to all other similar applications used
. Smart -. developed on the basis and through the analysis of thousands of application on the market, with the aim of your battery bank to protect in real time
. Simple & Friendly – The application works by itself, you need nothing more to do

The main functions of DORADO Battery Master – Battery Saver:.
. itelist – Customize your own list of favorite applications that are not completed by the battery master – as WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Hangout, etc.
. Widget included – Our widget will offer a convenient way to call our battery master -. to improve on the battery life of your Android device, clearing the memory and applications to end by in the background
. The exact remaining time estimate – shows how long the battery under a variety of situations such as games, Wi-Fi mode, Bluetooth mode, etc.
. Clean memory (kill background apps) when the screen is locked or is turned off, the battery in their home state, while its idle.
. You do not need to disconnect, the objective of saving battery, use your Android device as you wish.
reach. English / Chinese support
. Friendly, simple easy to use interface

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. Google Plus:

Size: 2.9M
Current Version: 2.18
Android Requires: 4.1 and higher
offered by: DORADO Security Group


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