Download Download Game Pokemon GO APK Terbaru Latest Version

Download Download Game Pokemon GO APK Terbaru Latest Version

Game Pokemon Last APK GO – Today who does not know the popular Pokemon game GO! This. It feels smua already the excitement on offer is part of this game. Buddy is to feel through the use of the advantages of satellite navigation in the smartphone a different gaming experience. Unlike the game in general, in this pokemon friend to go to the places pokemon Search

Go latest Pokemon game to a game of “Augmented Reality” is where GPS signals to determine where we are and shows the location of the pokemon that is all around.

One of the fun of a particular game, it is certainly when looking to control and to pokemon in the world. As dimipikan of fans of Pokemon is now mewujudkannya.ditambah GO managed again to the fact that this game is free.

If the first we enter the world of Pokemon, but currently pokemon that enters our world. Game Pokemon Go APK has also impressed with the realistic circumstances. If my friend wants you pokemon need to do to catch is lift the phone and then look for the Pokemon that roam through the screen and the camera sekiling smartphone.

my friend would later choose the team, the team colors of red, blue and yellow. After a teammate selecting a base have the gym dinakaman. In this gym buddy can compete with other players, or heard the train pokemon.

gym will be contested by each team as a territory of each team. en my friend found the empty gym, my friend can put a pokemon and we will automatically be leader of the gym and the user employee se allow “team” to join in the gym.

In addition to training functions, there has also to catch on Pokemon, will find my friend and to capture pokemon randomized, PAL the opportunity go, pokemon directly detect pokomen given or wait until they are easier to catch.


give After this wild Pokemon my friend caught him food to catch to increase the percentage of the ease of wild Pokemon. inii wild Pokemon has several levels of difficulty are marked with a ring (circle) when it is red, then it most elusive pokemon indicates while the green mark pokemon that are easier to catch.

Pokémon GO

Game Pokemon GO Current APK

|| Game Pokémon GO APK ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: com.nianticlabs.pokemongo ||
|| Internet: Required ||
| | Root: Not required ||
|| Mod: – ||

APK: V0.29.3



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