Download DragonSoul Apk v2.2.2 Latest Version

Download DragonSoul Apk v2.2.2 Latest Version

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Dragon Apk v2.2.2 Is Role Playing Game. Download Dragon Apk From KiosGamers Direct Link.

Record your enemies in Dragon, a fantasy RPG of epic proportions! Brawl with dragons and powerful monsters in fast and furious battles in both campaigns and PVP modes! Save heroes like the Ninja Dwarf, Centaur of Attention and purple witch as you save the world from the clutches of an evil dragon! Join a guild to loans hero and team in Crypt raids up
Key Features :.
+ Fantastic heroes: Each hero has 4 deadly forces, 8 Rarity levels and totally awesome equipment like laser kitten Enchanted elbow pads and a lucky Orks foot
+ Fast-paced, over-the-top battles: Pit your 5 best heroes against monsters, dragons and other players. Strategize to beat your opponent’s formation harder
+ epic story campaign :! Battle hard dragons and monsters as you gather soulstones for free hero from the clutches of the evil dragon, umlaut
+ PvP: Compete against other players. fighting pit for top rankings, prices and brag
+ Amazing graphics :. explore a rich fantasy world with gorgeous environments, hilarious characters, amazing effects and stunning graphics filled
long ago, fearless hero has the country with powerful forces. The jealous dragon umlaut captured the heroes, they in soulstones trapping. Now, a few heroes remain. As you can see the remaining few take on a journey from scrappy band unstoppable army as you unlock each battle in soulstones. Discover an original world with fantastic characters as you fight your way to the top to liberate heroes and the victory over evil on the way!

Game Screenshots

dragonsoul-apk-2 dragonsoul-apk-3 dragonsoul-apk-4 dragonsoul-apk-5 dragonsoul-apk-6

game Info

game name: Dragon
game Category: role playing
Last updated: 28 April 2016
game size: 40 MB
version of the game: 2.2.2
developer company: PerBlue
file format: Apk
requires Android: 4.0+ Installs
Total: 5,000,000 +
Google Play 4.4 / 5

download links

download Dragon Apk v2.2.2 | mirror

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