Download Dungeon Quest APK MOD Free Shopping Mana Latest Version

Download Dungeon Quest APK MOD Free Shopping Mana Latest Version

DungeonQuest APK MOD Free Shopping Mana is an action RPG game that it more enjoying for to do in the game. Dungeon Quest has a collection of weapons are many and each weapon has a very unique status.

Just like an action game, then this game is to eliminate also a core, the enemy in sight, and then to reach a portal to find in the next level.

This gameandroid Buddy is playing a wizard, the dual-stick has control, left the function of the wizard moves and the right to strike. to defeat the enemy in addition, the drug should also find a green portal, which is in each level, so that my friend a little melakaukan had to risk his card because no navigation system, which tells the position of the portal.

Character sidekick in this Android game can use two devices, which is the main weapon and off-hand weapon. The weapon has a many and varied, seerti wands, swords. Each weapon in the game has to regenerate a unique status as the speed of the attack, adding HP, earn extra gold. Each weapon can select at one time more than 5 status.

Buddy will find many weapons in each level. either that drops from enemies or in chests prices buddy found encountered along the way. Weapons is a major force in this game, because it was my friend has two additional features, which will enchant and reroll. Enchant is meaningless to add the status of a weapon and reroll to change the status of weapons randomly, both need a buddy gold out of the game game.lihat other Android games

Dungeon Quest has 100 steps and in some levels will be against a boss. This is an interesting battle buddy, the boss fight. and each head has its own characteristics and a boss battle might take some time. managed to beat en my friend the boss buddy get useful exp the level of character sidekick to increase. Each level up buddy can distribute points in damage, HP and MP in accordance with the wishes of my friend.
DungeonQuest APK MOD Free Shopping ere have 3D graphics lumayandan yet to play in order.

Dungeon Quest Apk Mod

DungeonQuest APK MOD Free Shopping Mana

|| Game: DungeonQuest ||
|| Version: ||
|| Android 2.3 ||
|| Market: .smash ||
|| Internet: Not required ||
|| Mod: Free Shopping ||




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