Download Empire Defense APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Empire Defense APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Reich Defense MOD APK unlimited money -. Reich Defense is a tower defense strategy game genre with the main task is to protect the headquarters from enemy attacks weapons

Reich Defense game Mod APK

pal task in Game Empire Defense APK MOD unlimited money is to meet this a kind of fortress building weapons enemy attacks. Enemies in waves 100 (100 waves) attack, which appear in the order after the first wave is complete.

In one aspect of the game, there are two types of doors: leaves inputs and enemy enemy. The entrance of the enemy, which is the starting point for the emergence of a number of enemy forces, while the output of the enemy is the end of the journey, the enemy forces. If the enemy troops managed to reach the exit, we will lose a life point of each of the forces. To avoid this, we have to build a defense system against enemy invasion. Consider the following example below the image is the original strategy that I use to defend the castle.

Before explaining about the enemy and weapons, on top of the screen there are four symbols, namely:
gold is to build a source of funds weapons in a game. Gold is recovered by eliminating forces or with the help of [tavern].

liver, therefore, the life of the castle. The initial amount is awarded 20, so we have to defend the castle from a maximum of 20 troops. Using [Tavern], the life can be increased point.

blue crystals, used to buy a new tower types or the Tower Shop upgrade towers. Blue crystal obtained by forces, and destroy the cumulative score after the game is over.

level, is a sign of the difficulty and the current wave numbers. In the picture above, it means we have a level 2 shaft 88.


At the lower left corner of the game screen, it seems, there are three icons: the transmission to pause the options menu to open, breaking, the game to speed up / slow down and loop +/- for zooming. Meanwhile, the bottom right of the game screen are the types of tower used in the game. The selection of the types of tower done before the game starts. Early in the game we were given a choice of four fruit tower. 4 This amount may be expanded amounted to up to 6 in Tower Store.

There are several types of enemy forces attacked in Empire Defense MOD APK unlimited money, namely melee troops, riders, siege weapons, dananimal army.

Empire Defense

Reich Defense MOD APK unlimited money

|| Game: Empire Defense APK ||
|| Version: 2.0 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: Empire Defence ||
|| Internet: Not || Required
|| Mod: Gold ||



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