Download File locker – Lock any File Latest Version

Download File locker – Lock any File Latest Version

File locker - Lock any File-2

Keep your all files secure and private with file storage. File Locker is the easiest way is to create a safe position on the device to store and protect your important and private files that can be accessed only by you
File Lock, you can password protect your personal files (z. B .: photos, videos, documents, wallet card, contacts, xxx-content, notes and audio recordings, etc … in your Android phones.
“file Locker” encrypts your file and in secret location Save the SD card to your file is completely safe. Hide any kind of files with file storage. file Locker ensures that family and friends who do not see your private files your phone
(photos, videos, documents, wallet maps, contacts, xxx-content, notes and audio recordings, etc …) when they look through the gallery, photo ~~ POS = TRUNC or any file manager. This also works as a video locker, image memory.

The app comes with a clean and pleasant interface with Android “L” UI. You can transfer files or share directly from app itself.

Features :.
• Import files from SD card / phone memory
• Password protected app entry with a numeric code or pattern lock
• password recovery option (we will send your password to your registered e-mail ID).
• Unlimited files can be locked.
• hide your private files from others.
• for HD Tablets optimized.
• Extremely easy unlock process with just one click.
• Fastest quickly import lock process with multi-select feature hundreds of files.
• Intuitive interface for a great experience.
• sensitive videos and images hide.
• Opens documents directly from the app.
• All files are saved to the file locker 100% private.
• important documents Lock
• Smart search through directories for documents, locked and unlocked files.

How it works .:
1 – Browse to the target file (s) and check the check box
2 next – Press the lock button on the bottom bar
3 – .. the files are in the secret place of the SD card
4 encrypt and save. – That is

Unlock –
1 – Select the file (s) in the App
. 2 – Press the release button on the bottom bar
3 – is released files and automatically saved to the SD card folder name of “File Locker”
. 4 – it is

, which you can lock with FILE LOCKER:
• Lock Videos
• Lock Photos [
• Lock documents
• Lock audio files
• Lock xxx files

password RECOVERY:
In case if your passwords we forget you will send to your registered email id
GET_ACCOUNTS permission user email ID to get. Send for password.

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Size: 3.3M
Current version: 2.0
Requires Android : 3.0 or higher
Proposed by: Innorriors


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