Download FontFix – Install Free Fonts Latest Version

Download FontFix – Install Free Fonts Latest Version

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Change on your phone or tablet the system fonts. Supports for devices that have FlipFont ™ (Samsung, HTC Sense) or root access.
• Over 4,300 fonts for your Android device.
• Root not required for supported devices.
• Install fonts that you download from the web.
• Additional font settings for your device.

NOTE Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 5 do not support free fonts installed.


tons of fonts
of hundreds of graphic designers and popular websites used select fonts. All fonts are free for personal use, and most are also free for commercial use.

before installing font preview preview of the font on your system. You can also specify any font file that you download it from the Internet preview of a third-party file manager by or directly in the app.

FlipFont support
Samsung and other manufacturers support your system font without root access to change. All our fonts support FlipFont for all Android versions (including Android 6.0). Other signature applications no longer work on marshmallow.

root support
a font to install your system, require root access, if your device is not FlipFont supported unfortunately. The app will properly install font files on your system. The app will detect the correct font file automatically, so you override any font on Android can enjoy.

Smart fuses
Build a secure backup of your font before installing a new font on your system. Back up your system fonts in the internal memory or a removable SD card. Share. Your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, onedrive or other cloud solutions

Material Design
Enjoy download this Show, and install your fonts with style. The app comes the material design guidelines. You can select from dozens of handmade themes or create your own.

Easy to use
hundreds of reviews agree that the app fonts fun and easy to install fun. at are you waiting for? Join over 5 million users and enjoy the device with a new look and style.


Is my device supports
include Supported Devices:
• A root device with Android 4.0+ with S-OFF (for HTC)
• Samsung device, the FlipFont supports (root is not required )

After installing a font, nothing has changed. ?
en rooted, a font installation will overwrite the files in the / system / fonts. Some applications load their own fonts at runtime. You should see your font used in most applications.

for devices come support for fonts to individual applications use in a future update, have the frame Xposed.

How can I avoid boot loops for a system font to install?
may result in a signature on a rooted device installed in a boot loop. The app does everything to avoid this situation. Before installing a font on your system, you should be familiar with ADB and restoring backups in your custom recovery. Always have a nandroid backup before making any changes to your system.

en the device is in a boot loop, you should reboot into recovery and your latest nandroid backup or a flashable ZIP restore your system fonts restore. Wiping data will not fix the boot loop.

at is root?
The name root is the user name or account that default has access to all commands and files on the Android operating system. an Android device Rooting is simply the process of gaining full, privileged or Admin control of a device, ie ‘super-user’ permissions allow. please

For more information about the device rooting, refer to the FAQs :.

FontFix not with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functions remain associated trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Size: 3.9M
Requires Android: 4.0+
Offered By: JRummy Apps Inc.



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