Download Galaxy Sensors Latest Version

Download Galaxy Sensors Latest Version

Galaxy Sensors-2

** Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not full compatibility to other models guaranteed **
** models such as Galaxy S3-S5 or Galaxy Note 2 Note4 missing temperature and humidity sensor, not my fault, sorry, the equipment manufacturer has decided to remove these sensors **
**, when a sensor is set as “no”, because your phone does not, it **
– ambient temperature in degrees Celsius
– percentage of moisture in the air
– light intensity
– air pressure
– height above sea level
– Widget with ambient temperature! more to come
** The data could then have an error of up to 5-10% is read directly from the sensors (at worst) not from me but from the sensors, unfortunately I can not do something about it, to try to reduce the error Please keep the device on a flat surface for a few seconds, so that the values ​​?? are optimized when your hands touch the device, the temperature will be too high of a degree * *
If you leave the full compatibility of the device with the application, please report feedback or send me an e-mail so it will be included in the list, any feedback and comments are very much appreciated, aims to the application to be simple and immediate, by the hand, to have all the data from the main sensors of the phone when it suggestions, recommendations be and requests for additions are be happy to provide (if possible) available
1.1 added Google Analytics
1.2 added translation in:

Size: 3.9M
Requires Android: 4.0+
Offered By: Alessandro Digilio


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