Download Game Venator APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

Download Game Venator APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

Game Venator APK MOD high damage – Latest Games android apk Venator as a mixture is out of the game Clash of Clans and Zenonia, in this game, pal task not only the city of the seat was to protect, but also needs Explorations RPG style wading through various dungeons. In addition, games are supported by a graphic ni with elements of anime seemed thick. to play the more fun

sword is the only one that you can trust in this world!
True RPG that your urge will awaken to rule the world! Venator: Drachenlabyrinth

Build collect your own territory and diverse heroes!
If all the preparations are complete, the join of Heroes
in the great battles and bring glory to your title!

1. The one who controls the tower rules the kingdom! Extreme Battle
– Imagine the great forces of evil to protect the four towers and calling to reach the top
-! Challenge the extreme battle and rewarded with the rarest and hardest record items

2. Endless series of breathtaking battles Among Heroes! 3 Vs. 3 & 9 Vs. 9 heroic struggle
-! Put your honor on the line and in the fight against the last surviving to be
-. Feel the awesome power of an army of heroes in the palm of your hand fighting

3. Spectacular sieges by simple one-touch controls! Siege Battle
-! Attack other players with territory by the simple control
– penetrate enemy territory and its resources plunder

4. Create your own empire
-. Gather resources. improve building and various buildings and the magnificence of thy kingdom throughout the empire spread
– Game Venator APK MOD high damage – Build towers and protect your territory from invaders

5. Grow diverse heroes by collecting, updating and evolving
– collect and grow over 300 different heroes
– building a party of great warrior from 5 different classes:. Knight, Barbarian, healers, magicians, Archer
– Attack other players territory by the simple control
– Invade enemy territory and plunder its resources


Game Venator APK! MOD high damage

|| Game: Venator MOD APK ||
|| VERSION: 1.0.4 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: ||
|| Internet: Required ||
|| Root: Not || Required
|| Mod: Damage + HP ||


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