Download Guns GirlZ Escape Ragnarök APK MOD Damage Latest Version

Download Guns GirlZ Escape Ragnarök APK MOD Damage Latest Version

Escape Ragnarok Girlz Guns MOD APK Damage graphics dimililki android game is very unique and Unyu Unyu. Game, which is fighting against zombies also very exciting. Although the characters look adorable, but this game is not an easy game

Girlz Guns Escape Ragnarok

to play for the first time this game, then the friend will meliihat there are 3 attack buttons that after desired can be changed. To suppress the automatic rifle weapon by a continuous manner, while the nature of the sniper must be pressed long enough so that the enemy can shoot with the right. And there are many types of weapons that are in this game, trying later sobbat can

backstories Girlz Guns Escape Ragnarok

The background of the story in this game are included, takes place prempuan in a special school. Characters in this game called Kiana Kaslana. One time they drilled Mersa at the hostel and she suddenly two magazines doujin yaoi then they are rotated hunger for the yaoi doujin into a zombie zombies. en the other students tried to escape from zombie attacks, Kiana break casually by the zombie forces. Not unexpectedly, there is still a surprise that a zombie attack emerged is the beginning of the tragedy Apocalypse.

characters that are Kiana this game not only PreFormance. However, there are three more other characters and of course the other background. So that my friend can get the other characters, they must be open with the tip of the crystal with a large amount. ile Kiana itself, is the main character, the extra char buff has a never die!

later, when the characters are fighting sidekick in that it can be familira supports that. A kind of animal There are also costumes that change sobta can change where these costumes have the strength sendri-sendri. different costumes so different forces.

Guns GirlZ - Escape Ragnarök

escape damage Ragnarok Girlz Guns MOD APK

|| Game: Guns Girlz – Escape Ragnarok APK ||
|| Version: 2.5.42 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: us ||
|| Internet: Required ||
|| Mod: Damage + Health ||

-root required / disable signture with luck patcher




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