Download Heroes of 71 : Retaliation Apk v1.1 Latest Version

Download Heroes of 71 : Retaliation Apk v1.1 Latest Version

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Heroes 71: Retaliation Apk v1.1 Is action game. Download Heroes of. 71: Retaliation Apk From KiosGamers Direct Link

হিরোজ অব 71 রিটালিয়েশন

Heroes of 71 (হিরোজ অব 71) -was the first major Bangladeshi Mobile based game maintaining Bangladeshi culture and heritage, our war of liberation. It reached 400,000 Google Play Store downloads, 684,196 total active users, 5 million total session and user rating 4.7, according to Google Analytics data. Now the makers are planning even more penetration. Retaliation: The sequential version of this game will be released on March 26, 2016 called Heroes of the 71st 3D graphics and animation are used in game developed by in 1971 to actual environment of the war, the user experience to conquer in a combat environment based on the Liberation War Bangladesh.


“Heroes 71: Retaliation” (হিরোজ অব 71 রিটালিয়েশন) begins with a continuation of its predecessor, “Heroes of 71” (হিরোজ অব 71) that the Shamsu Bahini capturing a strategic Pakistani base shows at Shanir Char, Barisal, and defend it to the last breath. Although they survive the brutal battle, Sajal is killed. Now Shamsu Bahini has her heart revenge for their fallen comrades a. A new mission awaits them. Pakistani forces have a group of women abducted and is in a torture camp in Ullar Haat, keep a few miles from Shanir Char. Shamsu Bahini have to save these brave women without a single accident. As Shamsu Bahini intercepts the camp, they meet another female guerrilla Anila, who was captured during the organization of an armed guerrilla group women.

Anila closes in another mission Shamsu Bahini a bridge over the Andharmanik Khaal (channel) to destroy. The bridge is strategically important because it is often used by Pakistani supply convoys. The second mission, although supposed to be a quiet, takes an unprecedented turn when Shamsu Bahini, the position of the Pakistani army is impaired. Now Shamsu Bahini is opposite with a full frontal fight against the great opportunities. All characters, locations, events, missions and the plot are fictional and in no way represent true events.

“Heroes 71: Retaliation” (হিরোজ অব 71 রিটালিয়েশন), apart from new missions to present and new characters, different gameplay from its predecessor, “Heroes of 71”, the the player allows a restricted position without any movement. The new game has radically changed these settings and allows the player to move forward, while the Pakistani junta fighting, according to the developers of Port Bliss Games.

There will be more than one level. First level is about to save civilians and next stage is powered by a bridge beam enemy resource bar. All levels are interrelated and dependent on game history. Levels are designed with improved graphics performance and looks. New terrains with day- and night-time simulation has to be a new combat experience.

Our goal:
The object of the game is the target market to make the culture and history of Bangladesh through mobile games. But new generations grow unaware of their own culture and the heritage that we want to preserve. We plan to conquer in a struggle user experience to ship environment based hit Bangladesh Liberation War. It will help users to have a sense of winning with awareness of the liberation war as the basis of the culture and heritage of Bangladesh.

plan for the future .:
The developers have a plan to take this game we cover on larger missions all the important events of the liberation war of Bangladesh in future

Team Description:
project manager: Masha Mustakim
Creative Director: Rakibul Alam Sulov
programming team :. Arifur Rahman, Apratim Kumar Chakrabartty, Md Mamun Kaiser Zisan, Abdul Jawad, Avik Sharma Chowdhury
Art & Animation: Papan Jit Dey, Rehab Uddin Shawon
Camera & VFX: Rakibul Hasan Toor
Sound & SFX: Tapesh Chakrabartty
script & Story: Omar Rashid Chowdhury
marketing & PR: Hasan Al Razi, Tanzil Tafheem
producer Rayhan Razib, Shafayat Latif

game screenshots

heroes-of-71-retaliation-apk-2 heroes-of-71-retaliation-apk-3 heroes-of-71-retaliation-apk-4 heroes-of-71-retaliation-apk-5 heroes-of-71-retaliation-apk-6

game Info

game name: Heroes of 71: Retaliation
game category: Action Games
updated Added: April 7, 2016
game size: 91 MB
version of the game: 1.1
developer company: Port Bliss Games
file format: Apk
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
Total Installs: 50,000 +
Google Play 4.7 / 5

download links

download heroes 71: Retaliation Apk v1 .1 | mirror

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