Download HitFilm Pro 4.0.5227.37263 [Latest] Version

Download HitFilm Pro 4.0.5227.37263 [Latest] Version

FXhome HitFilm HitFilm Pro 4 free download the latest version for Windows. As a standalone offline installer full of HitFilm Pro for Windows 64-bit PC.

HitFilm Pro Review

HitFilm Pro is a software solution for professional video editing and offers you all the tools and effects you need to create amazing movies.

Features of the Pro 4 HitFilm

customize the interface and workspace organized
• From the first minutes you run it, you begin to understand that pro HitFilm want to make the most of its feature set and provide amazing results. The main screen provides links to external video tutorials, discussions from other users in the community, and the film wall full user guide to help you get started.
• The interface of the application is more comprehensive is well-structured, logical conclusion is a plan that sets all the tools you need visible, ready for use.
• To influence your work in a positive way, it provides one-click access to project settings, video editing and export sections, among which you can switch at any time without having to reset the project. Moreover, the plates that make up the interface can be disconnected placed anywhere else, which allow you to customize the workspace in full.

Side generous collection of various editing tools
• The more features go, Peru HitFilm does not disappoint. It offers a preview pane, timeline editing, effects library and an area rich in history containing all your actions. Moreover, in the ‘media’ is where all multimedia files loaded are displayed, allowing you to quickly arrange them on the timeline using drag and drop operations.
• The main attraction of the application on the symptoms that offers you a large number of side fully customizable categories like ‘blurs’,’ Color Correction ‘,’ distortion ‘grunge’, ‘lights & torches,’ particles and simulation, ‘fast 3D and more.

movie creation tool for all users
• HitFilm Pro is the creation of advanced film editing service, ready to help you create, enhance and distribute their videos. It can export files in various formats, create image sequences or even upload them to YouTube. The above facts only scratch the surface of what Peru HitFilm can and what it can help you achieve.

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how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: V4.0.5227.37263 pro HitFilm
Developer: FXhome
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows 8.7.10 x64
HitFilm Pro 4.0.5227.37263 x64 (406 MB) / Mirror

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