Download ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner Latest Version

Download ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner Latest Version

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner-2

ICE unlock is a real fingerprint screen lock, which locks and unlocks sure your mobile device.
Most other screens actually lock not to unlock your device biometrics. They are just for fun. ICE unlock is a real biometric lock screen solution.
ICE unlock driven by ONYX, the user can take a picture of their fingerprint using the existing camera. No additional hardware or scanner requires.

* NOTE: ICE unlocking requires a rear-facing camera with flash and the camera must be able to concentrate on the finger. Many devices that do not focus on near objects is not with ICE unlock work and are not compatible marks
ICE unlock puts the power of identity control back where it belongs -. In the hands of consumers. Images of the finger in a mask is our own process, and then the image will be immediately destroyed. In addition, fingerprint templates are not transmitted to DFT or another company (government or otherwise). The template is stored only within the protected memory area of ​​the device, ie it can only be accessed by ICE unlock. The data is stored on the device can not be used to reverse engineer your fingerprint.

Posted by Toms Guide: “clueful app Bitdefender, the risks to the privacy of applications installed on your mobile phone tariffs are ICE an Unlock” low risk “application, which means it is far less access to features of your phone as apps like Facebook or Twitter “

app -. the user’s finger directed in the rear view camera field. Then, the user takes a picture of the screen and tap ICE (Identity Control Essentials bring) processes and adjusts the picture and the unit unlocked.

TOUCHLESS fingerprint authentication works better!
Touch sensors on the basis, as on the iPhone 5s, are not as accurate, subject to wear and have a tendency to distort your fingerprint exercised due to the pressure. The contactless ONYX technology in ICE unlock is used, can provide higher accuracy than by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation required.

ICE Unlock -. ON THE ONYX HD authentication engine BUILT MOBILE APP FIRST
The ONYX Engine is what all this is doing behind the scenes processing, coding and adjustment for ICE unlock. ONYX is designed to bring mobile contactless fingerprint authentication on Android, iPhone / iPad and Windows Mobile devices to operate biometric security for businesses. ONYX shows its flexibility by applications such as ICE Unlock the power
– .. If you require assistance please check the model of your mobile device include

* ICE unlock currently has some known remedies due to the way Android device lock screens treat. ICE unlock is not to be used as the sole source of security. If you need an extremely high level of security, we also recommend you other security measures such as the pin, pattern, voice or face recognition lock screens comes from the Android operating system.

Size: 43M
Requires Android: 4.0+
Offered By: Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc.



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