Download iNew Launcher Latest Version

Download iNew Launcher Latest Version


* Ineu Launcher is a new style, fast and powerful launcher ;.
Ineu find Launcher goal keep your screen clean, and to start App QUICKLY
Ineu Launcher is completely new, cool, unique style, do not like traditional Launcher, and try it, you will love this launcher!
* Ineu Launcher is new and special?
Ineu Launcher put the most frequently used applications on screens at home, and put all the other applications on a page with quick PAGE AZ locator, so that it can keep screens clean, find and start app quickly.

* Ineu Launcher Key Features:
1. FAST and SMALL Launcher:
– The performance is good tuning, Faster than fast, smooth as butter
– Rev is only 1.8 m size ;. Memory requirements are low, making Ineu Launcher easily

2. NEW style Launcher:
– He put the most frequently used applications on screens at home, and on one side PAGE with fast AZ locator all other applications set; Ineu Launcher keep clean your screens, you can find and start app quickly
– And if you want, you can easily put Other Apps to home screens, the same reverse

3. handy and powerful SIDEBAR
Add cleaners, flashlight, favorite app, Latest App Smart App and more

4. Many elegant themes and icon packs:
Many online icon packs and themes for your Choice; and support 5000+ third party icon packs

5. Simple edit mode:
at you see is what you get, you can manage your Start screen easily

6. Smart Apps:
propose to start the right applications at the right time quickly

7. Very customizable:
There are adapt what you like more than 200 options Launcher, Launcher make as

8. Cloud wallpaper:
to choose Many cloud wallpaper for your favorite

9. Useful and powerful tools:
– Power Saver (including CPU monitor app Hibernate, start-up management)
– Booster (to increase a cock phone)
– Switcher to quickly switch all in one place to manage, more handy then the system
-. Ineu Launcher almost all offer the practical tools you need to manage your equipment well

* If you like Ineu Launcher, please rate us, press G + 1, and help Ineu Launcher, this motive to make us Ineu Launcher better and better meet your need to spread thanks.

If you make errors when using Ineu Launcher, please notify us an email with detailed information, we will try to fix it as soon as possible, thanks to

size: 1.9M
Current version: 1.4
Requires Android: 4.0+
Proposed by: iTop mobile
offers in-app purchases


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