Download Installer – Install APK Latest Version

Download Installer – Install APK Latest Version

Installer - Install APK-2

full featured installer with tiny size, user-friendly design and high performance. easy to install and scanning market and non-applications from the SD card.

* applications from SD card to install and delete
* Auto-scan all APK files from SD card .. Use integrated caching mechanism to improve performance, avoid always scan and again and again. install
* batch mode for multiple APK and delete.
* Show full application information including name, version, path, size and date.
* immediate applications search for the name.
* Share application to friends through multiple ways, such as Gmail, Bluetooth, etc.
* Search application information directly from the android Market.
* Show Installation status of each APK:
– installed: This APK application has been installed on your device
– Update: .. This APK application version is newer than current on the device
– not installed: This APK application has not been installed on the device.

Usage Guide:
This application is very simple. For the first start it is all APKs that are looking saved on the SD card, and browse them for the install. For others, it starts application information automatically be loaded from the cache a lot of time to save. Click to create the cache again if SD card content changed when needed to refresh button in option menu.
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Enjoy it.

Offered By: Rhythm Software


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