Download Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) Toolbox 3.3.5 Version

Download Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) Toolbox 3.3.5 Version

Toolbox Intel Solid-State Drive

is a suite of diagnostic and optimization filled with the Intel SSDs can provide insight into the parametric performance of the drive, allowing you to evaluate your performance and run applications maintenance operations.The can automatically detect all solid-state drives connected to Intel manufactured, as well as other drives ( SSD or HDD) that your system is equipped. It presents detailed information on each one, like the model, the total storage capacity, used and available space, firmware version, and serial number.

In addition, it includes data for each segment, reserved or not, the configuration of the drive at all, as well as transfer modes are supported and cycle time transfer PIO, Serial ATA, power management, cache, write and read speeds.

based on SMART parameters, the application can assess the health of the drive and the estimated period of performance of the drive. You can take a look at the SMART parameters to test the thresholds via a dedicated section of the program.

Besides supplying information to identify and drive performance, toolbox solid-state drive, Intel can run a quick or full scan diagnostics, in an attempt to assess the functional reading and writing. The first scan method analyzes only 1.5 GB of SSD, while the latter can check for errors and bad sectors on the drive to find whole.

You can use the Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox and securely delete content stored on your SSD, as well as to update the firmware to the latest version available. Moreover, the SSD’s performance can be optimized using the built-in tuner, which ensures lower power consumption, keep the speed of the drive and extend its life.

created by the manufacturer itself, toolbox solid-state drive, Intel can be of great benefit to anyone who uses the Intel SSD. It collects information on current performance, while allowing you to take the necessary actions to make the most out of it.

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* This version of the Intel SSD Toolbox including support for 540s SSD Intel®, 5400s Peru, 5400s 5410s E and E series and Intel® SSD DC S3100, DC P3320, D3700 DC and DC D3600 series products.

Title Release: Intel Solid-State Drive (SSD) v3.3.5 Toolbox
Developer: Intel
Licensing FreeeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows

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