Download Intel Wireless Display Software [Latest] Version

Download Intel Wireless Display Software [Latest] Version

Intel Wireless Display software free download latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected software installs the full Intel Wireless Display Driver for Windows 32-bit 64-bit computer.

Display Intel Wireless Software Review

software to display Intel Wireless – Software WIDI (wireless display) for computers with series 6 Intel chips, 7, 8 (HM65, HM67, QM67, QS67, UM67, B75, H77, HM70, HM75, HM76, HM77, Q75, Q77, QM77, QS77, UM77, Z75, Z77, HM86, HM87, Q87, QM87), an increase i3 Intel Core Sandy Bridge i5 , i7 (Ivy bridge, Haswell), visit the Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics, graphics HD 4000, HD 5000 graphics and Intel Centrino Wi-Fi critic.

Intel WIDI enabled using the following software components Intel: Intel WIDI, director of Intel HD Graphics, Intel director PROSet / Wireless Technology with Intel® My WiFi network. Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – 32/64 bit


software features Intel Wireless Display

supported platform configurations:
• 2ndGeneration Intel® Core ™ 1processor family:
all Intel Core i3 family / i5 / i7 Mobile processor
• 3ndGeneration Intel® Core ™ 2processor:
• all Intel Core i3 processor / i5 / i7 ( Mobile & Desktop)
• 4thGeneration Intel® Core ™ 3processor family:
all Intel Core i3 processor / i5 / i7 processor (Mobile & Desktop)
• The graphics controller
• Intel® HD Graphics 2ndGen Mobile
• Intel® HD Graphics 3rdGen Mobile Desktop
• Intel® HD Graphics 4thGen Mobile Desktop
• Intel 8 series chipset
• Desktop / Mobile QM87 / HM87 / HM86 Express chipsets
• Intel® 7 Series chipset
• desktop / laptop QS77 / QM77 / HM77 / UM77 / HM76 / HM75 / Q77 / Q75 / B75 / Z77 / Z75 / H77 Express C
• Intel® 6 Series chipset
• Mobile Intel Q67 / Q65 / B65 / Z68 / H67 / H61 / QS67 / QM67 / HM67 / UM67 / HM65 chipsets Express

* Disabled

Title release: V6.0.66.0 Intel Wireless Display software
Developer: Intel
Licence: Freeware
Language: English
OS: Windows


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