Download Keep My Notes Latest Version

Download Keep My Notes Latest Version



Simple and easy wordpad, which you can use to take notes quickly to as notes diary or as a private notebook
Features: to remind
* Offline notebook that you can write on all the notes and research notes without the need for Internet connection.
* notepad with lock. You can lock all your private notes with a password.
* Notepad with warnings. You can set alarm note reminders for things to do and reminder alarms to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly repeat.
* Lock notebooks with any private notebook have individually own password.
* You can take notes with pictures plants.
* the text font color for notes or diary production used to adjust.
* Check the text size used when taking notes.
* Replace your research notes and all notes that you take or your diary with other applications.
* Spell check text of your notebook and diary.
* light theme and dark theme. Select the topic that you are most comfortable when typing notebooks.
* Wordpad without lines (no lines under the text of your note).
* Offline backup and restore your research and notes all notes that you take.
* Lite wordpad application that opens and loads quickly.
* Can be used for android tablet in portrait mode for android phones and landscape mode.
* Free Note app & wordpad for android phones and android tablets. Can supply it for free.

Support page for ‘My Notes Keep’:
Facebook page:

Size: 2.0M
Current version: 0.72
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
offered by: Lite ite


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