Download Kerish Doctor 2016 v4.60 [Latest] Version

Download Kerish Doctor 2016 v4.60 [Latest] Version

Kerish Doctor 2016

Kerish Doctor is a Windows maintenance Center featuring the latest technology developments.

Doctor Kerish unique system prevents failures in real-time Windows registry errors regularly repairs.

application performs a thorough and safe cleaning by removing junk files from your outdated cache, which improves performance and significantly.

Kerish Doctor protects your computer from malware and potential security threats by monitoring all vital system security vulnerabilities.

smart update system immediately updates the database software that is constantly improved by our experts.

This feature makes Kerish Doctor to increase its efficiency all the time makes it one of the best solutions in its class.

using Kerish Doctor, you can optimize your computer to run faster.

Features of Kerish Doctor 2016

• Not Windows contraceptive
• Cleanup junk files
• Games acceleration
• Protection against malware
• Repair Registration Act
• cache Cleanup old software
• Windows settings optimization
• the potential for injury elimination of
• temperature control Hardware
• Start menu shortcuts maintenance
• the speed of optimization of Internet connection
• Windows control

* Added “Restore files”.
* Added “locked files” tool.
* Added “System Information” tool.
* Added “context” tool.
* Added “Running Processes menu” tool.
* Added “network activity” tool.
* Improved error correction.
* Enhanced PC Protection component.
* Enhanced integration windows.
* support for language localization and enhanced.
Fixed a bug.

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title Release: Kerish Doctor 2016 4.60
Developer: Page
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows


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