Download KK AppLock Latest Version

Download KK AppLock Latest Version

KK AppLock-2

KK AppLock is to protect the top AppLock and privacy tool; With AppLock, your privacy and security ensured by:
1. Lock applications -. Lock SMS, atsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. from prying eyes and nosy friends
2. Lock settings -. Prevent your children from buying unwanted applications / games or mess up your phone settings
3. Shut privacy -.! AppLock for contacts, gallery, photos and files
KK AppLock is the safest AppLock with NO display, and always up to date, the latest update is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop

KK AppLock Features:
1. you can use any app with Pin Lock or Lock Pattern Lock, securing your privacy
2. Many Re-lock policy your need to match (lock “Every time,” lock “turned up screen” lock ” After 1/3/5 minutes “)
3. Multi lock: you can add multi locker, with different password
4. auto lock / unlock app based on time or WiFi (auto tasker)
. 5 Fake error message when opening the locked apps
6. Random keyboard layout for AppLock password input UI
7. you can quickly lock and unlock widgets or status bar
8. you can block incoming or outgoing calls; also lock the entire screen
9. You can lock app and prevent the uninstall process is
10. KK AppLock can be machine administrator to add, prevent AppLock of uninstallation; and KK AppLock can automatically restart when killed by Task Killer to reliably protect your privacy
11 KK AppLock icon can be hidden from Launcher

KK AppLock tips:
can activate 1. Alert prevent KK App lock that killed by the system or the task Manager
2. Enable “in the device admin” can prevent KK AppLock from being uninstalled.
3. More tips can be found in KK App Lock Setting – About Us – FAQ

Support us:
– thanks to the use of KK AppLock, if you like this app lock, please help spread KK AppLock to your friends, and press the G + 1 button thanks

size: 1.6M
Current version: 3.71
Android Requires: 2.1+
offered by: KK App team


also you can download Download KK AppLock Latest Version
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