Download KMPlayer + Portable + RePack [Latest] Version

Download KMPlayer + Portable + RePack [Latest] Version

4 KMPlayer Free download the latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected full install KMPlayer 4 for Windows 32-bit 64-bit computer.

Overview KMPlayer

KMP + – a new Windows installation usually requires that third-party software is also installed to meet the everyday. If you think of the anti-virus tools CD / DVD compression tool, file manager, web browser, office suite or multimedia players, you normally go with a particular group. en it comes to video players, there are a few that really do their job properly. KMPlayer sits at the top, sharing its ranks with other notorious applications such as Windows Media Player, VLC media player, BS.Player or Gom Player.

Features of KMPlayer 4

• already equipped with an integrated codec + Environment Circular
• Supports replay of damaged (while submitting online) AVI file
• Supports a variety of different types of communications equipment
support for Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime
• support for multiple audio streams
• supports many different types of output devices
• a variety of image processing function function subtitle
• supports low specifications and performance
• the support function leather
• a variety of processing function of speech supports Winamp (General) plug
support for Winamp (visualization) plug
• ASF / ASX, RTSP, etc. in real-time function View broadcast (the -Sky broadcasting)
frequency analysis • O & corrugated printing function when playing music
• supports live equipment such as TV / Camera
• supports DVD
• Strong stopping image capture function
• function Video capture
• functions Wallpaper
• easy to use OSC (remote screen)
• function, image resizing
• run back and forth and language Study function returning function / section
• a variety of input , color output function Pen
• difficulty operation: easy
• operation using only one file
• Language: supports 27 different languages ​​

Chief splitter upgrade:
* Splitter previous internal KMP internal upgrade the LAV Splitter
* Preferences upgraded splitter
* Splitter Gabest Previous removed
LAV video / audio decoder updated:
* useful version 0.66.0
* Intel RealSense compatible
* KMP Thema capacity added
* Language updated (Brazil: Portuguese)
* subtitle “standard output Windows (GDI)” upgrade process when using DirectDraw
* Korea: Flash advertisements removed
* Video Thumbnail “not in use” default is

Title release: KMPlayer
Developer: page
Licence: Freeware
Language: multi
OS: Windows
Download: KMPlayer final (35 MB) KMPlayer Portable (34 MB )
KMPlayer repack (70 MB)


also you can download Download KMPlayer + Portable + RePack [Latest] Version
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