Download Learn Salah Latest Version

Download Learn Salah Latest Version

Learn Salah-1

Aslamualikum this app to new ones that help those to Islam.And discovered Islam newly !. This app contains only video that shows the basic way to do Salah / prayer.there are dua’s additionally during Salah / prayer may be recited, which is highly recommended, but if you do not, is not a sin .but still its highly recommended you by learning your own.there is no advertisements in the app its totally free!
This is made a simple application of various YouTube videos, so let me explain what my app contains


Also known as “Wudu” .Ablution should before offering Salah / prayer

be done

video of Eddie- THE DEEN SHOW


is briefly explained how important it 5 daily prayers (Salah), and when it’s done

video of Eddie- tHE DEEN SHOW


This video explains how Salah / prayer in Islam to do

video of Eddie- tHE DEEN SHOW

are following YouTube video, you need a good internet connection and YouTube app from Google Play must be installed, if it does not download!

Learning Fathiha

Fathiha is the first chapter of the Koran, and it is obligatory in Salah / prayer to be read

Video by YouTube user LearnQuran2010

Learn al-Ikhlas & learning at-nas

There are two small chapters in the Koran that can be recited in Salah / prayer

video by YouTube user LearnQuran2010

men and women

As you might be new to Islam and you are a woman probably many will say that this is the way, Salah / prayer to do some other, say their way of this video is to be done, will help you to clarify your doubts

Remember me in your dua!

Size: 46M
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Offered By: dawath apps


Thanks for download about Download Learn Salah Latest Version

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