Download M Launcher (KKM Launcher) Latest Version

Download M Launcher (KKM Launcher) Latest Version


M Launcher (KKM Launcher) is the top Android ™ 6.0 Marshmallow Launcher, created elaborately KK Launcher team; Modern, cool and feature-rich Launcher
(NOTE: to avoid Following user feedback, name M Launcher Change Confusion)

. at is the difference between M Launcher (KKM Launcher) and KK Launcher?
1. KK Launcher focus on normal Launcher experience
2. M Launcher Launcher focus on providing Android 6.0 Marshmallow experience

. o can M Launcher?
1. People who had been upgraded to Android 6.0, but want to experience Android 6.0 Marshmallow Launcher
. 2 People who had upgraded to Android 6.0 marshmallow, but want more powerful and cool launcher than the native Android 6.0 Launcher

. at M launcher them particularly?
1. M launcher inherit the most powerful and stable of KK Launcher
2. M Launcher follow Android native launcher experience but extend many useful functions

. M Launcher Features:
1. To experience the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow Launcher, we offer these cool features:
– Android 6.0 marshmallow style drawer: Vertical with az Drag Bar and letter bubble, will help you quickly the applications find; There are new and frequent applications on the front
– AZ drawer :. Enhanced Vertical marshmallow style drawer to classify Apps letters
– Horizontal drawer: Conventional horizontal style, you can choose
– smooth and cool Ripple / Circle Drawer Animation
– Convenient marshmallow style widget drawer, classify widget of Apps, much easier to explore on widgets
– Total material design dialog and click effect

2. to make the phone Beautiful and personalized we support many icon themes, wallpapers and transition effect
. 3 Taking care of your security and privacy, so we hide app, AppLock, Privacy folder, guest mode, Kids Zone features
4. In order to use your phone smoothly and efficiently, we offer useful tools: cleaner, booster, battery protection , T9 search and more
5. Cell sidebar with recent applications, favorite apps, switches, flashlight, etc.
6. Many desktop gestures; Symbol gestures; Folder gestures
7. Counter: unread SMS; missed call; Notifier for Gmail and atsApp
8. Highly customize many options, you own your equipment!
9. Many built in handy widgets
10. More … can not list all the features, explore self M Launcher powerful find


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
We actively develop our product to make perfect; If you like M Launcher (KKM Launcher), please rate us and press G + 1 to M launcher spread;
If you make mistakes, please email us with detailed information, we will thanks


Size: 5.4M
Current Version: 1.97
Android Requires: 4.0+
offered by: KK App team



also you can download Download M Launcher (KKM Launcher) Latest Version
Thanks for download about Download M Launcher (KKM Launcher) Latest Version
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