Download Magic Rampage APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Magic Rampage APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Magic Rampage APK MOD Unlimited Money is a platforming action game with RPG combined. Buddy is a soldier playing with newly recruited many tasks. However, not long before the witch Dating took over the fort and transform other soldiers into zombies. In this game, there are many, mate the dungeons to explore.

Later my friend have the main weapon is “throwing knives”. In this game you later buddy atever the form of weapons or thrown, are not swinging like a sword. However sobta opponents in this game is not not only zombies, but a wide range including the later boss fight.

In prison There are many elements that are taken as gold coins, armor and weapons, so can. there is also a secret area in each dungeon and do not forget the bonus level. The most interesting thing of this game YAIT their customization options. So that the characters can be modified sesuaikeinginan us. my friend can change clothes, helmets and weapons in the level selection menu. Rampage Game android Magic also supports the control joystick or a gamepad or keyboard.

Add Magic Rampage with 2D Platformer friend can with a dagger weapon with a headshot kill zombies. Memnag game Magic Rampage APK-based level, but also has a survival mode for the type of game endlessly

A feature of the game Magic Rampage apk Mod is very similar to survival mode, weapons, character customization, can diameter Magical staves

as usual game Magic Rampage APK MOD money a fully equipped apk Mod money and gold, together with its data each dungeon, etc. unlimited unlimited downward so that install only my friend and play directly , Making been a buddy Yag curious excitement this game exclusively

Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage APK MOD unlimited money

|| Magic Rampage 2.4.3 APK ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: ||
|| Internet: Not Required ||
|| Mod: Money ||

– sell dagger

APK: V2.4.3


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