Download Mediachance Photo Reactor 1.3 + Portable [Latest] Version

Download Mediachance Photo Reactor 1.3 + Portable [Latest] Version

Mediachance Reactor Photo Free latest version for Windows. Independent installation of connected full installer Mediachance Photo-Reactor for Windows 32-bit 64-bit computer.

Mediachance Photo-Reactor Review

PhotoReactor is a useful and reliable software that helps you enhance your favorite photos with different effects.

Photo-Reactor He worked as an editor and result optimized dynamic image that helps you create amazing effects and apply them to multiple photos. It allows you to create, build and customize effects such as brightness, saturation and contrast.

Features of Photo-Reactor

• software that can create image effects really new and Processes
• very visual
• Adjusted especially, fast software for both 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms
• self-documentation flow
• versatile, all kind of effects possible from photos adapted brilliantly to painting and graphics
• the easy way to share new effects
• scripts with [Bsfhbrmhgbohh
• lots of re-interprets Adobe Photoshop * .psd file with layers
• Call other graphics applications from the interface
• extend the SDK plug-ins (such as QR Code Generator Plugin)

a very powerful tool
• Once you start working with the software will discover its huge power that lies in the logic of locomotives and simplifying the editing effects.
• It looks different at first, but soon things get very logical to understand how the old way of making images very limited.

grows with you but do not grow old
• You can use what you need and then slowly save discovers new things progress. The software does not require you to learn everything at once. You can walk before you run.

part and learn
• Apparently trying to return some effects from books or online directories where you have to follow many pages of step-by-step process.
• That is all past. Photo-Flow Reactor with obvious effect, it does not obscure stack of layers with plenty of mystery effects applied in sequence completely unknown.

easy to follow
• It is very easy to follow how the work of advanced effects. Just click on any effect we will see how the image processing at this time, and you can easily monitor idea of ​​the effect object by object.

Adobe Photoshop import projects
• Another unexpected feature is that you can actually re-create project files layered Adobe Photoshop PSD. That’s right, just import a PSD and the layers will become the flow of Photo-Reactor.

Scripting for the adventurous types
• The training wheels are off! Full syntax language high-level C ++ is build directly in the software. The language supports polymorphism fast, inheritance or many-dimensional arrays among others. You have no idea what this means to all of this? No problem, the scripting is entirely optional.

extended by third parties
• We have created a very easy to use SDK, but it is important that the software itself can generate project source code for the plug her where you set everything visually and then fill in the blanks with your photo processing. The interface, dashboard and data serialization will do everything for you.

adding a new dimension to your creative toolbox
• Design professionals, home users or educational institution can appreciate the creative dimension and new-Reactor image is opened.

plays well with others
• Pictures Reactor can call other programs such as Adobe Photoshop to do some of the work will automatically update the process when necessary.

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title release: Mediachance Photo-Reactor v1.3
Licence: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows
Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.3 x32 (24 MB) / mirror
Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.3 x64 (24 MB) / shows
Mediachance Photo-Reactor 1.3 x86 / x64 Portable (26 MB) / shows


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