Download Megapolis Apk v3.00 Latest Version

Download Megapolis Apk v3.00 Latest Version

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Megapolis Apk v3.00 Is strategy game. Download Megapolis Apk From KiosGamers Direct Link.

“Megapolis” – very popular in all the leading social networks economic online game with millions of viewers. This is a complete building strategy and simulation of urban life, where the building of the city -. The basis for social interaction

Among the other games on the theme “Build your city” approach to the game is released gameplay. In the online application “Megapolis” They are not only impressive buildings but also thought business strategy, based on the laws of the market.

Begin to build a better city in the world with us! You will need a smartphone, tablet or computer -. And Internet

Good and interesting free online games, including the game-strategy – not uncommon, but sitibilder “Megapolis” truly unique. This is not the usual strategy game, it combines excellent graphics, designed interface, exciting jobs and promotions, social component, and hundreds of magnificent buildings. Only here you will find can reconcile the irreconcilable – and your dream city create

New applications “on the site” often promise the same thing. But the game is “Metropolis” is time tested. You can choose the new games, but if you need a good online game, for Stop “Megalopolis”.

The game has everything to build the perfect city and start a business:
– The sophisticated economic modeling and allows you to manage the city efficiently;
– A great building on a background of stunning natural landscapes;
– the ability to invite friends and the surroundings of the town visit,
– economic strategy under the motto “Create, develop and improve your city!”;
– business simulator, in which the game as close reality;
– Daily Gifts – free;
– the possibility to build their city and to expand ;.
– to get a chance at the top of the best players – and more

urban planning strategy game “Megalopolis” is constantly being improved. Holding rallies, competitions, so to build that and a virtual city with the greatest benefit for themselves, develop complicated design of buildings and architecture. There are objects that you have long dreamed of, popular attractions and other innovations.

city planning can be fun fun not only for adults. The Economic Simulator “Megapolis” – an interesting business strategy for students: boys and girls. A game in which you build your city, would be particularly useful for children who want to be creative, love the good of the game and slowly thought out strategy. Construction game will help to develop imagination, spatial and technical thinking. In addition, the child will be in the game path filed useful information on the new architectural objects be.

So is the online game to you and your child to gain new knowledge and a lot of fun – and you will undoubtedly be able to say: “My city – the best”

We offer:
– to build houses, create industries, the development of infrastructure;
– to organize large-scale construction;
– free gifts available at Games for participation;
– In order to develop the city to increase,
– to build roads, bridges and tunnels;
– Play with your friends from social networks;
– communicate to compete, find new friends,
– to give each other useful gifts.

Play the most popular social networks: VKontakte, My World, classmates. build houses, open hotels and restaurants, explore the mountain ranges, deserts and sea! Exchange gifts, you are competing with friends, participating in various events!

Our motto is: “to create a city of their dreams and bring it to prosperity!”

Join us in the game, “Megapolis”!

Game Screenshots

megapolis-apk megapolis-apk-2 megapolis-apk-3 megapolis-apk-4 megapolis-apk-5

game Info

game name: Megapolis
game Category: strategy Games
Last updated on: May 18, 2016
game size: 48 MB
version of the game 3.00
developer company: social Quantum Ltd
file format: Apk
Requires Android: 2.3 and up [19459017Installs] Total: 5,000,000 +
Google Play 4.3 / 5

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download Megapolis Apk v3.00

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