Download MyRoll Gallery Latest Version

Download MyRoll Gallery Latest Version

meeting MyRoll Gallery, the fastest growing gallery app for Android and the first gallery for Android Wear.
The only by Business Insider as one of the top elected Gallery 100 Apps MyRoll Gallery is a free world, the next generation photo ~~ POS = TRUNC which is a complete replacement for your mother gallery.

With MyRoll Gallery you can:
• all your photos and videos rearrange their events, date, time and place
• automatically feel for the classic photo gallery. View the gallery has all your photos and videos in a smooth gallery view.
• Use the moments see for a unique, collage as views based events, date and location.

sharing • Easily groups of photos and videos from the gallery, with just a tap
• Share with ease all your favorite social networks: atsApp, Facebook, G +, line cocoa, WeChat and more.
• the easiest and fastest way, Facebook albums, on the fly! create

GREAT SHOTS HIGHLIGHT & similar photos identify
• Smart Mode – Create a personalized gallery that identifies the best pictures in your photo gallery Highlights, similar shots and centered photo thumbnails to faces smiling
• Intelligent alerts! -. Have MyRoll Gallery help you, your children last year, or any important memory to rediscover these photos from the trip abroad last month birthday, which has been lost in your gallery

stores all your photos and videos safe in one place
• Keep your pictures and videos safe and secure with the MyRoll 50GB cloud. A gallery that is not secured, is a sad Photo Gallery!
• Integration MyRoll Gallery with your Google Photos so you can view all your photos and videos in a gallery and manage.

Your Gallery wrist VIEW
MyRoll gallery offers the first ever gallery photo for smart watches created. With MyRoll Gallery on Android Wear, you can:
• View or delete your gallery photos – all from your SmartWatch
• Share photos directly to Facebook, on the fly
• Photo notifications – on Easy access Your!. Latest photos from the gallery with a single tap.

About permissions:
Calendar – MyRoll Gallery asks for permissions to read your calendar so that we car-title your moments in your calendar events. We have this information not be used for other purposes.

About Privacy:
Your privacy is important to us! MyRoll Gallery does not copy or save your pictures and videos. Only the pictures and videos that you will be specially selected to share from the gallery to be uploaded to our secure servers.

Facebook us:
For need more help, contact us at


my mother Gallery replace
MyRoll Gallery is the only photo gallery that works for you – gone are the days of endless scrolling in your gallery are in search of best memories of life. MyRoll Gallery is the only gallery application that learns about you, the more you use it.

How does MyRoll gallery work?
MyRoll Gallery has a strong technological difference from other gallery apps. The MyRoll gallery curation Engine (GCE) uses computer vision and big data to understand what makes a great photo.

MyRoll Gallery then organizes the photos and videos in your gallery in moments that can be easily understood and shared.

Size: 13M
Requires Android: 4.0+
Offered By: Flayvr Media Ltd.


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