Download Nine Hearts APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

Download Nine Hearts APK MOD High Damage Latest Version

Nine Hearts APK MOD high damage – An Android RPG game with the current point and click gameplay with nine titles heart. Friend in this game has a role to eliminate the evil forces that threaten an area. Cutscene Android game at the beginning of this very sexy, which tells a war between the good forces succeeded in defeating the forces of evil. But twenty years later, this force to the area trace back.

Android Game Nine Hearts

friend can control three characters in this game, where each character has its own characteristics, namely Warrior, Archer and Wizard. Each character has an attitude that is obtained from allies. Buddy can increase the level of these allies to strengthen their position.

there is the control of this game several options that make your game session. It also features Auto and Semi Auto Battle Battle of the heroes in the fight move.

on features Car battle full control on a computer to control the character and also output the moment, while the functions in the buddy Semi Auto Battle of control is to select the moment what was published. Well, if my friend wants to control all the action of the character, then there are functions that can filter the Battle Manual mate.

Not only search that revolves around the main plot, but the nine hearts of the game have an online feature that allows friends with other players such as Ragnarok Online interact. In this role, chat with other players in real-time buddy can.

There are several types of online multiplayer games that are as Boss Raid and Dungeon.

developer Gamevil android game developers as Nine Hearts Heavy losses APK MOD bring Lee Myung-jin, the artist of comic Ragnarok online multiplayer game and also we can legendary tersebut.jadi there are some similarities with Ragnarok


Nine Hearts

Nine hearts APK MOD high damage

|| Game: Nine Hearts MOD APK ||
|| Version: 1.2.2 ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: ||
|| Internet: Required ||
|| Mod: Daamage + HP + Defense ||



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