Download NoH: Exodus Apk v1.11 (Mod Money) Latest Version

Download NoH: Exodus Apk v1.11 (Mod Money) Latest Version

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NOH: Exodus Apk v1.11 (Mod Money) Is action game. Download NOH. Exodus Apk Mod From KiosGamers Direct Link

thousands of planets by an incredible variety of beings inhabited, all through a network of magical portals connected. The powerful deity Council considered peace and harmony in the chain.
Some GrenzWelten necklace began to suffer from strange beings from attacks. They were called the Transformation Army, spawned by the Renegade deity. Its essence were cruel and merciless. The worst thing about them was that the worlds were like them have been infected by a terrible disease that crazy gradually drove the survivors so that they join the invading army.
The threat was becoming more and more threatening. losing a world to the other, the Deities were still forced to send war-affected flocks of refugees over the necklace to the worlds. Many unpopulated worlds were
left shelters for refugees from around the necklace A Phantom hope to stop the plague of Transformation -. Finding a way to another world, the so tear the necklace forever.Although secure protection and seal them to destroy between worlds through the portal network seemed crazy at the beginning of the idea of ​​such a way had been found early enough. The exodus of the survivors took several years, and only a handful of the greatest warriors remained to seal forever and the transformation hold Army thereof as long as they are capable of behind the portal.
you are one of those warriors.

Game Screenshots

noh-exodus-apk-2 noh-exodus-apk-3 noh-exodus-apk-4 noh-exodus-apk-5 noh-exodus-apk-6 noh-exodus-apk-7

game Info

name of the game: NOH: Exodus
game category: Action Games
Last updated: April 8, 2014
game size: 211 MB
version of the game: 1.11
developer Firm JSC Digital worlds
file format :: Apk
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Installs Total: 10,000 +
Google Play 4.1 / 5

download links

(Mod money)

download Noh: Exodus Rev. V1.11 Mod | mirror

Download Noh: Exodus OBB

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