Download NoRoot Data Firewall Latest Version

Download NoRoot Data Firewall Latest Version

NoRoot Data Firewall-2

Features: ..
* NO ROOT REQUIRED mobile and wireless LAN data firewall
* access the Internet access permissions for each app control with mobile network and Wi-Fi network
* support only background data lockout and let the foreground goes.
* record, analyze and use the data for any app sort.
* history data show after hour, day or month in a bar chart.
* Notify me when an app, new Internet connection has.
* Set Temp permission for only 1 hour.
* Support Mobile Network only mode, the firewall disable automatically in Wi-Fi network.
* analyze the pages requested for each app.
* domain filter.
* Domain resolution.
* IP Filter
* No picture mode.
* Night Mode.
* Set DNS server address.
* start automatically.
* Capture data packets, which means that you need the Internet data on your device without root Sniffer
* support rail
* power choke
1. This app is based on VPN interface that is the only way to implement the firewall on NOROOT devices. It works as a proxy between the common applications and the server. The app that you steal data or even send a bit of his own.
2. The app requires permission / write sdcard for two functions to read: 1). Backup / Restore the firewall rules to / from the SD card. 2. Save the captured packet pcap file in the SD card. It is not steel your data on the SD card.
If you still think it is not safe, do not add it to install.

If you meet any problem or have suggestions, please contact us mail.

1. Google Groups:!forum/norootdatafirewall
2. XDA:

developed the app in my spare time.
All features are free and there are no ads in it. N nIf you like it and want to support the author, you can use the donation package of firewall buy donation package (avialble on Plays).
Thank you for your support.

Size: 1.5M
Current Version: 5.4.1
Requires Android: 4.0+
offered by: Easy Good mobile (



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