Download One Locker Latest Version

Download One Locker Latest Version


A locker is a privacy locker and Photo / Video Vault apps / photos / videos with the use of password or pattern lock and protect. A Locker can lock all applications and games such as your contacts, incoming calls, e-mail, SMS, settings, photos and so on. With this app lock, you will never worry about your privacy and personal information with others about exposure. Do not worry about changing your settings children and games.


App Lock
With APP Lock, you can lock all applications (including system applications and third-party applications), and games in your Android to protect your privacy. Simple and easy to lock your applications with a single click!

Photo Locker & Video Locker
You can hide your privacy photos and videos with PhotoVault and Video Vault. No one can without the correct password peeping.

Intruder Selfie
Snap-phone peepers after they mistype passwords to catch someone who tries to snoop on your phone.

Home Screen Locker
Lock homescreen too full, your privacy with a loose
protect Clicking, enter your message directly or not to read from the lock screen.

Advanced Protection
Extended Protection is this Privacy prevent safe, be uninstalled without password. You need extended protection in a Locker settings activated by letting yourself it work perfectly.

Other Functions
• Lock securely with password or pattern
• Disable all applications and games your gallery. Also a gallery lock to lock your photos and videos.
• New App Lock memory is installed, lock new apps with a single click
• Protection Plus A Locker to protect uninstallation or delete
• Install locks and uninstall
• Lock your settings to avoid modifying
• lock your WLAN, Buletooth, cellular network data and auto-Sync
• you can change your password or pattern trail
• Set lock time, only activate lock hide certain time

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Q: How can I protect my phone when a locker is uninstalled by other
? A: You can activate the advance mode A Locker from uninstalling or deleted to protect. After extended activate mode, it can no uninstall without a password.

Q: A looseness of the work is why
A: Most likely, because the cleaning App wiped out the data of a locker. So please re-run a locker after you cleanse your phone.

Q: at should I do if I have forgotten the password,
A: You have set the security question when you install a locker, remember? Only if you “forgot password” tap and enter the answer to the security question, you can soon find your password back.

Q: How can I make my pictures and videos to hide
. A: If you want to hide photos or videos, press the “+” to add them in photo vault or Video Vault

Q: I have every time I enter the password to open the blocked app. Is there a way available
A :. If you frequently use some applications, you can set the time (1 min / 3 min) for free access

Q: How do I uninstall a Locker
A: It is recommended that the extended protection to permit, so nobody your One Locker uninstall from the right password. If you want to uninstall it, you disable enhanced protection first in a Locker settings and then uninstall it as other applications.

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Size: 7.5M
Current Version: 1.2.8
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
offered by: SING



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