Download One Shot Screen Recorder Latest Version

Download One Shot Screen Recorder Latest Version

One Shot screen recorder-2

** Note to users on Android 5.1 **
Please do not not tick “Show when prompted on the screen capture permit dialogue to prevent “system UI crash issue.
screen recorder for Android Lollipop, no root required.
at makes a perfect screen recorder? Quality? Stability? Easy handling? The answer is, everything.

Very often screen recording will record something that is undesirable. For example, the recording is to play a game, at the end of the recording, you must wipe the notification bar down and click on the “Stop Recording”. This action to stop recording is unnecessary and in most cases, you might want to just get rid of all of them. So what you will do is that you go, another app (or software) as the video editor you get help the last frame to remove, you do not want.

One Shot screen recorder trying to get this problem to make your recorded video ready for production immediately.

steps record a video have simplified to 4 steps.

1. Activate Recorder
One Shot Open app and click molded on the screen icon in the upper right corner of the screen, to give permission to start screen cast, when prompted by the system. They are a floating action button (red color) displays on the lower right corner (moving) to see if the license is granted.
Go to start

2. Start recording on the screen, screen recording, and click on the floating action button (red color) to start recording.

3. Stop recording
en you are done, the recording of the screen, press [POWER] button (default: ON) and the recording will stop automatically when the screen is turned off completely closed is. If you have disabled “stop on the off screen” you can stop your intake of the notification bar manually function.

4. Disable Recorder
If you want to perform another screen recording, keep only the floating action button (red color) and change if necessary your recording to start again. If not, simply drag the floating action button (red) to the top of the screen to be completely disabling.

One Shot settings are carefully selected and are fully compatible with YouTube. Therefore, all video you shot with One Shot screen recorder, can be uploaded immediately and without support on YouTube.

One Shot screen recorder supports up to 4K screen recording (setting is displayed if your device support it) with very high bitrate (up to 50Mbps). This should be an extremely high video quality options (no pixelation, even if you zoom in on the game screen in / out).

. PS: A watermark is embedded in this version

Size: 3.9M
Current Version: 1.2.9
Requires Android: 5.0 and higher
offered by: MakeEZ


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