Download Opus Pro 9.75 [Latest] Version

Download Opus Pro 9.75 [Latest] Version

Opus Pro

is the suit itself of tools come together to help you create a great variety of interactive applications for the equally large number of instruments and interest.

creating apps and games without coding experience
• looked at the most basic way, Opus Pro offers you the means to put together a project consists of several types of elements and pages which you can then export to various formats.
• These units can be independent Windows programs, Flash and HTML5 animations, games or interactive presentations where you can advertise online or integrated into websites. However, Android applications can also be created using a mobile phone, as well as videos you can upload wherever you want.

user-friendly interface
• Opus Pro is a large application not because of space it takes up on your hard drive, but due to the fact that it has an impressive number of tools for functions that you can use all of which are packed beautiful into a comprehensive graphical user interface.
• The main window consists of different toolbars that offer you quick access to frequently used tools, project organizer that allows you to see all of the components operate and of course, a generous work area where you can put together an application or animation.

a large library of building blocks
• Since the application has a degree of complexity professional who still makes it easy to use, it’s only normal that it also offers you a considerable amount of objects that you can add and customize over all design of your project.
• Opus Pro allows you to use master pages that can be pre-defined templates and content objects which come in the form of text, graphics, and video. Moreover, it is possible to draw vector objects very own, that is, you can achieve high standards when it comes to the quality of your final product.

objects, actions and scripts, all in one place
• Opus Pro provides the tools necessary to insert objects in the design, use and customizable actions, create scripts to make many more, which you can only to find out by giving a chance.

Features of Opus 9

Support SCORM including Flash
• Animation Tween
Support for Moodle
• OpusScript
• Support databases (ODBC)
• layers and groups
• QuickBuild & QuickAnim
• button caption States
• functions script painting
support for external DLL
support Multiple Monitor
• Kerning
• Unicode

Title: Opus Pro V9.75
Developer: digital workshop
Licence: Shareware / Freeware
Language: English / multi
OS: Windows

* Disabled

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