Download Own Super Squad APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Download Own Super Squad APK MOD Unlimited Money Latest Version

Own Super Squad APK MOD Unlimited Money – Action Game Hack and slash latest system the excitement certainly have, where my friend act as Tako, is the mascot of their own games in this game, and his friends. A total playable characters in this game will be five characters in a Power Ranger can transform Squad mode called in this game. If the characters in phases Squad mode, then they have the strength and the unique style of attack.

We can choose the style of fight with bare hands or use a weapon. But early in the game later my friend was his bare hands. So we can get a gun, then take the first Daulu ammunition in the arena of battle scattered. The Pistol Range is very spacious and more powerful, but the problem with our limited ammunition. Oh yes, my friend could also take other weapons such as swords and hammers. We can do even jump line and in this game.

is the time of the struggle underway, the groove combo was in this game lancar.dimana movement of the characters is very easy to control. If bare hands, then the controlled character will automatically run a short line towards the nearest enemy. en my friend use a gun, then there are two possibilities, namely directed automatically or manually.

some elements of RPG elements in the game My Super Squad APK MOD Unlimited Money There is where buddy level up and add the desired status. Overall, we need to choose, which can be raised when the level rises only between two states. it is the ground state (ground state) and Squad mode.

Status buddy base can be improved with a 1 SP (Status points), while the increase Squad mode Mate 5 SP must first collect. The ground state will increase HP, attack, defense and speed, while the mode Squad Multiples increase strength buddy when a change and time pal in this mode.

Own Super Squad

Own Super Squad APK MOD unlimited money

|| Game: Own Super Squad MOD APK ||
|| Android: 4.0 ||
|| Market: com.OwnGames.OwnSuperSquad ||
|| Internet: Not || Required
|| Root: Not required ||
|| Mod: Money ||




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