Download Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 842 + Portable [Latest] Version

Download Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 842 + Portable [Latest] Version


is easy to learn tool for editing pictures and retouching. The software is a powerful tool and easy to learn raster graphics editor used to process digital images. With just a few clicks, anyone can solve most digital photo problems: Photo Editing; Photo retouching; Makeup artist; You can make the image look as if it was taken by a professional photographer. If you ever wonder to touch up your photo, so you look more beautiful your facebook or friendster or even on myspace, well this software is answer your question. Photoinstrument comes with a video tutorial that will teach you how to use this program within a few minutes. Training video shows you how to apply different effects to images. So, PhotoInstrument can be used even by novices.

With PhotoInstrument you can create glowing skin, remove unwanted objects from an image, create multiple clones of yourself, clean skin infections, and many others. With PhotoInstrument you can use various tools to fix problems are images (eg asymmetry, skin blemishes).

features of PhotoInstrument

• Adding text
• Two coverage and more photos.
• Drag and drop images to open this image editor.
• Image copy / paste from the clipboard.
• Batch Resize (size multiple images)
• PSD file (PhotoShop Format) support for editing.
• Multi-language support.
• Keep the computer in .jpg, .png, .bmp and other file formats.
• And many more features …

Photoinstrument These devices include:
• liquidity
• Clone
• Smudge
• leather cleaner
• leather Glamour
• Dodge / Burn
• brush
• blur
• Sharpen
• painting
scale •
• The red-eye removal
• Clarity Contrast
• matching degree of color
• glow
• healing brush
• DeNoise
object • Remove
• crop
• layers
• text

* Disabled

how to install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

release Title : Photoinstrument v7.4 Build 842
Developer: Timor Fatykhov
Licence: Shareware
Language: multi
OS: Windows
Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 842 repack (5 MB)
Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 842 Portable (8 MB)


also you can download Download Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 842 + Portable [Latest] Version
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